Saturday, 10 January 2009

Master of juggling

Perhaps there are times
when we simply cannot avoid being busy

No big deal
don't run away with fear

I mean it
let's learn to juggle with JOY

Nothing is too difficult when we have the Almighty God with us
=) Smile

Thursday, 8 January 2009

New Year 2009

Happy New Year 2009!!
Thank God for the wonderful retreat at Taman Pertanian on the 2nd day. It was awesome!
I dare not to have any expectation at all for the toilet, as were told it is a kinda 'ulu' area. And... it turned out to be it's-fine-without-the-glasses, haha...
the interesting sharings everyone contributed,
the brain-juice-squeezing plannings everyone participated,
the discussions everyone brought up,
the meaningful 'ungame' and the exciting 'hunter & bear' game,
the super duper tiring cycling moment up & down the hills,
the many makan-ing sessions with the flies,
the refreshing water bathing moments ,
and the 'zzz...' hours accompanied by the mosquitoes...
with all of you... =)
Really appreciate all of you who were willing to come from far and near for the retreat!
Dear brothers and sisters, all of you means a lot to me.
Let's keep shining for Him and serve Him with all our might! It will be tough, but we are never and will never be alone in the battle!
'Sharing Love, Impacting Lives'