Wednesday, 14 July 2010


Lovin' Mafia game!
(I have said this since the day I know how to play this awesome game)

For those who know the game, you'll probably say "Yea~"
For those who are clueless, er... i suggest you go google search since you can read my blog online =P

Had Mafia night with the cg the other evening, was rather anticipating for the game throughout the week (Tengok! Mafia game can be so motivating!). Other people makan bola, minum bola, mimpi bola... i kerja mimpi Mafia, makam mimpi Mafia.. =,=

ANYWAY, I was really really really looking forward to become 'the mafia'. Cut the story short, we had 3 rounds of war, I was 'blessed' to become the civilian, from the beginning till the end. So, you know right, being a civilian, you are suppose to put on your normal behaviour (or at least act innocent if you cant, hahaa!) Tough job, friends...

I really have no talent to play the role of 'civilian', ended up being accused to be the-you-know-who every round (i wish i was!) It was either the Marmee monster/ Koko crunch that i was munching betrayed me, or it was the un-pretend-able evil face i wore that day that has caused me the consequence. Even betting on Kampachi did not earn me some trust *sad* (Betting on food doesnt work in this cg is it? Hmm... I need new tactics)

Yet, it was fun la. Those expressions were very genuine and funny.

Oh ya, that reminds me of someone earned the honourable title 'the orange bear' till now, hahaa! We played the same game but it was titled 'Hunter and Bear'.

Mafia is simply awesome somehow. You gotta play it and know the fun! And next round, the role 'mafia' is so gonna be mine "I demand you-whoever-that-control-the-game to hand it over!" Muahaa!

Monday, 12 July 2010

Slacking no more

"Nice templates and very friendly user, blogger!"

Been slacking and procrastinated to update anything since graduated. Time for a change. New template for this new journey. Let this journey begins with a journal.