Sunday, 21 November 2010

Back in Sunday School

A day in Sunday School, after SO many years was simply awesome. The children in the toddlers' class are SO adorable, chubby and restless. I dont remember me being so restless when I was their age, but I must have been adorable too, hahaa! Anyway, the moment this little girl hold on tightly to my fingers during the worship without planning to let go of it, I couldnt stop liking her more. The children have such contagious smiles and laughter that will melt you on the spot.

The worship songs reminded me the songs I used to sing in Sunday School, also not to forget the actions accompanied. I like those simple songs directly expressing our feelings to God. Nice. The colouring session was fun too. Some coloured everything in one colour, some coloured tree in brown and blue and so on. Pretty creative bunch of painters. Oh, I like the way the teachers talk to them, very encouraging. I miss the little princesses and heroes already.

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Past is good

Those scenes. Feelings. Voices. Still vividly stayed. Perhaps or perhaps not it changes many things. So much sadness, disappointment and anger. Anguish for not able to turn back time. That walk accompanied by those unstoppable tears. Never seems to reach the destination. Sad to lose. Self disappointment. Angry of the strike. Thought have lost half the battle. Only to realise that the battle has just began. To give up immediately is to lose entirely. Gathered every parts again. Depended on the strength given. Geared in full force. Fought boldly. With the very best. Even scars look extraordinarily beautiful. Changes so much. It was good. It is good. And the battle never stops.

(A self reflection of a past incident that taught me to look at more issues in a deeper insight and am really glad that it became a good impact in my life)

Friday, 5 November 2010

I still believe

I will still believe that He will bring sunshine after every storm and rain.
Simply because I know He never fails.