Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Adrenalin Racing

"Although it was merely a minute or two, yet I had the fun and laughter I needed. Thanks pals, you two helped me to find the kiddo within me although we are now in the mainly-black-and-flatly-ironed-clothings and heels-that-kill-at-times working adulthood."

Adrenalin racing was fun. Simply beautiful though it may be painful at times. Trying to recollect the faded memories I brought along till this day. Neither were those memories regrettable.

Nice memories. Crazy laughters. Insanity deadlines. Those 'every minute counts' moments were the best. Exciting. Challenging. Simply energetic. Awesomely goodness moments that helped in growing. Tiring was beyond vocabularies. Being fruitful, was the only thing that was sought then. Lovely.

Bring on more of those times. Am waiting.