Saturday, 29 August 2009


I have literary stared at this blank page for more than 10 minutes before I could gathered back my conscious to begin. I had to calm myself, rearrange my very complicated feelings and thoughts to begin this post.

I hope by the end of this long post, you will have a clearer picture of where my mind is for now.

It's very hard for me to describe my day, but I shall try...

I was walking to uni today to meet up my group members for the assignment discussion. As I walked out from my apartment, I started to tell my Father how much I love Him and thank Him for His abundant blessings. Then, when I came to a junction, suddenly I turned towards the road that leads to the main road instead of the short cut that I would normally take without much of my conscious. As I was taking my second step, I had second thought of turning back, but in the end I did not.

So, as I was reaching another junction, something caught my attention. I saw an Indian man had his bike stopped at the mouth of the junction where I was like around 10 steps away from him. He seems to be searching for something from the bucket of his bike or arranging something. I thought he might have just wanted to arrange and tie up his stuff before he continue his journey.

3 seconds later, 2 motorbikes flew out from that same junction. There were 2 guys on one rather slightly bigger in size bike in red, and another lone biker tailed. I knew something was not right, something really wrong was about to happen.

The red bike flew out from the junction and made a very fast and furious u-turn, then turned and stopped his bike facing the Indian man, while the other one stopped behind that man. The moment the red bike stopped, the guy from the back jumped down and ran towards the Indian man, so as the guy that tailed closely.

What I saw was that the Indian man very quickly took out his metal hex nut tightener (not sure what does that tool called) from his bucket, and started whacking that 2 guys when they approached him with ferocity.

I stood there, completely lost my conscious. At first, I thought it was a street fight coz I couldnt really see what was going on. A few seconds later, only did I realised it was a snatch theft.

I know there were only 2 things that I could do. One, help that man and risk my life, coz I was not sure whether the guys were holding any weapon like knife or something that can take my life away. Two, run and get help but it might be too late coz everything is happening so fast.

When I look at what I had on my hands, arghh... only 2 heavy library books! And my umbrella was in my bag. Super pathetic! How?????

The second I decided to throw the books on them, I saw the guy riding on the red bike who was waiting for his partner in crime actually looked at me with his really scary expression.

"Arghh... shooooottt! He saw me!!"

I thought he might ride towards me and make my life miserable. I retreated 2 steps back. Then suddenly, the fight was over. They flew away with their bikes.

I quickly ran towards to the Indian man and asked him whether he was alright. He was not hurt at all, thank God! Then, he showed me his palm was holding on to his gold pendant and his gold chain was still hanging on his neck, told me they were trying to snatch it just now. But they didnt manage to do so. He said his defence with his little tool here might be small, but it hurted them. He told me that he suspected the 3 of them has been tracking on him since a while ago.

The corner house residents closed their gates as they were freaked out as much as I did and looked from the other side of the gate. Later, 2 other motorcyclists turned into ths junction and showed concern and suggested him to report it to the police nearby.

Even when I continued my journey, I was still a little shaken by the incident. I came a conclusion whereby, IF I ever encounter another such incident again, I think I know what I should do.
One, if I have anything good enough to be a weapon with me and the situation allows me to help out, WHACK!
Two, if I cant help out, dont try to be a hero, coz I can still shout "POLICE!" to scare them off and take down the plate numbers.

Everything happened so fast, I felt so helpless and sorry for the man for I couldnt do anything when I was so near. However, I really do wanna thank God for keeping the man and everyone else safe during the incident. I know why I took the road that leads to the main road this afternoon, it was His plan. I could have been the target or even got hurt if I took other road. Really thank God!

When I reached uni, I told my friends, but I think the whole reading room heard me, sorry... I was too confused. I tried to tell them the incident, but my mind was running with a million thoughts and not able to arrange it all in sequence for one moment.

All the confusion and anxiety was over when I began working on the website with my friends. It was another session of website designing and checking time. The hours were torturing, but Jeannie was the one who suffered the most. We worked till less than an hour for me to travel to church just now. Seriously, every second that count. It has been a week of just work work work. Thank God, this is the very very last assignment for my degree, hahaa!

During Nancie's baptism in church just now, it reminded me mine. As we worshipped and prayed for her, I felt His presence there. Such wonderful moment to experience His love. I'm sure He will hold her close in His arms always, shower more blessing and love on her more and more each day. "I'm really happy for you, Nancie" =)

Also, thanks to Elie dai ga jie's camera, I get to snap snap away the whole night. At first, I was a bit confused of the function coz it's pretty canggih to me, hahaa! I know my dad has one many years ago, but I have never acquired the skill. Later on, I find it actually quite user friendly. And there goes, happily snapping away... I hope the photos turned out well =P

Yeap. End of my stories of the day.
I was confused, anxious, then busy and in the end cheered up! How complicated!

Need to catch some sleep now, tomorrow morning is my last presentation for my degree course. It's going to be another exciting day. I'm counting on You!

Thursday, 27 August 2009


It's that feeling again.

Yes. I really hate to admit but it's undeniable. Each time I'm reaching the edge, I would need to be prepared to face it with more courage.

Every transition in my life is within the the thin line of not willing to let go of the present and the excitement upon the future.

I love my life. Every single bit of it. May it be tough, sad, happy, crazy, disappointing, ... that's life.

This 3 years of uni life is coming to another fold on the origami before I can see the butterfly.

I'm blessed to have a bunch of wonderful friends
who called me names to show that they know me well

showed me kindly what I can learn from them
coloured my life with their genuine colour pencils

I'm ever thankful to be a uni student
to have the opportunity to open my eyes to a million wonders
taught me the word 'sacrifice' always comes with 'worthy'
also, courage and perseverance to learn new things is the key in the dark

I'm a little anxious of what lies in my future
but I know He holds my future in His hands
so I wait and obey
He knows when I am ready and capable
better than I do
and He always do
isnt He great and wonderful
that's the reason why I cant stop myself from loving Him more and more each day

Friday, 14 August 2009

Price to pay

There is always a price to pay to go home for a weekend.

PRICE: $ A few days of rest to finish assignment early.

But it's ALWAYS worth of paying the price.
And, this motivates me.

Sunday, 9 August 2009

A more powerful weapon

A story between two people.

A: Dont move!
B: What do you want?

A: I have a knife. Dont be rash, give me your money.
B: I have weapon also.

A: Huh? What? What are you gonna do?
B: I have flu, fever, cough... I think I might have H1N1. *cough cough*

B: Sorry, cant help it. I think you are infected.
A: Man! I should have wore my face mask... *fleee*
B: You should have known that I have a more powerful weapon, too bad for you!

This is the side effect of PW assignment!

Saturday, 8 August 2009


We hear 'H1N1' being mentioned almost everyday these days. Scary enough to put me into shiver. Worse than any other virus, says trojan.

I was down with fever a few days ago and was a little worried cause fever is one of the syndromes. Thank God I had a speedy recovery on that day itself after taking much rest.

My course mate was hoping that I can spread the virus in the campus and make the uni close for a week, what a friend! Too bad, I have disappointed you. (You know who you are) Hahaa!

However, that was not the end. Cough came after.

I was so noisy coughing away day and night. Even I, could not stand my own noise. Coughing my lung out. Finally, it is coming to an end today after I brought the chinese herbal drinks.

Let's continue to pray for everyone to have a healthy and strong immune system.

Monday, 3 August 2009


"From your first bite, you'll see why
Pepperidge Farm Soft Baked Chocolate Chunk Cookies are
The BEST Chocolate Chunk Cookies in the World!
Baked with an abundance of big chunks of
rich chocolate and crunchy macademia nuts and chewy caramel.
Also enjoy our Soft Baked Oatmeal Raisin cookies.
So satisfying, so delightful, so scrumptious..."
"One bite and you'll melt!"
Taken from the package.

Anita introduced this cookies into my life.
Giant couldnt resist the temptation to have more...
... and bought this, hahaa!
How scrumptious, yummm!!!
"Every bite is simply a satisfaction!" said Giant, grinning from ear to ear.
"Ju, Giant's waiting for your cookies recipe..."