Saturday, 8 August 2009


We hear 'H1N1' being mentioned almost everyday these days. Scary enough to put me into shiver. Worse than any other virus, says trojan.

I was down with fever a few days ago and was a little worried cause fever is one of the syndromes. Thank God I had a speedy recovery on that day itself after taking much rest.

My course mate was hoping that I can spread the virus in the campus and make the uni close for a week, what a friend! Too bad, I have disappointed you. (You know who you are) Hahaa!

However, that was not the end. Cough came after.

I was so noisy coughing away day and night. Even I, could not stand my own noise. Coughing my lung out. Finally, it is coming to an end today after I brought the chinese herbal drinks.

Let's continue to pray for everyone to have a healthy and strong immune system.

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