Friday, 17 June 2011


Dancing was never exactly my kind of liking but it is now. Expressing feelings through steps and movements without speeches is really awesome. Interestingly, I have only learnt how to express it all out recently though I was in dance performances on and off for the past years, but was still rather passive, only lately found myself truly dancing.

Thank God for this bunch of daring crazy passionate dancer friends I met for the past year. They too love dancing, learning to express all out through movements regardless the eyes that are watching over them. Growing with them is simply wonderful and enjoyable, part of my journey of learning how to worship God with dance of joy.

The greatest reward I received thus far was during the last performance. A glimpse of a little girl stood out amongst the crowds, happily learning the dance during the worship in front of the dance team touched my heart. She was dancing so freely with joy written all over her face. So contagious that she made me wipe off everything else, with only the focus of God in dance.

The joy of dancing is indeed a wonderful blessing!