Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Rubik's Cube

Rubik's cube. I've finally found you in Bangsar. It has been almost half a year since I last hunted you. Then my lovely house mates told me they can simply spot this anywhere in night market 0,O"""""" My dear lovely house mates, ahaa haaa ha... why didn't you all mentioned earlier? Or did I forgot to mentioned? Never mind, I have found it in the end anyway =) Extremely happy when I discovered it in a children's toys corner in a book store.

This mysterious-tough-to-handle-toy gave me a great time of joy and struggles when I try to solve it. After several attempts, I looked up for help from youtube. Amazing! Really impressed by those who can 'gao dim' in less than 10 seconds. I salute you la!! *Geng*

Learned a few 'formula' from there and finally can see some changes. At least now I had the Upper part correct. I still need someone to teach me la... the sequential steps are going to be tough, not really sure how to handle though. See pic (below).

A really fun thing to spend my superb free time before the last paper on next Monday. Thank God for this and also story books, wahaha...

Hey! Anyone of you who knows how to solve rubik's cube, teach me a few tricks ok? hehe...

Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Z008: Basil

Today we had lunch at Basil located in Bangsar Village. The atmosphere there was quite cozy and well decorated with designs to make customers feel comfortable and ease during the meals. Customer service and the cleaniness are at the thumbs up situation.

Basil mainly serves Thai food, hot and spicy food. There are a varieties of dishes, from starters, salad, soup, main dishes such as chicken, beef, seafood, vegetable, tauhu, single plate, single bowl to desserts. Drinks such as fruit juice, soft drinks, mocktails, mineral, bottled beer, coffee, Thai specialities, hot and cold stuffs.

I like this picture. Simple and nice. A simple cup of soft drinks pour into a nice glass makes people feel refreshing. Heehee...

My disease begins everytime I look at food from a nice angle, sorry pals!

Opps, right, it's 100 plus anyway.

Another cute cup of orange juice.

I think I took a not-so-good picture. I wanted to show how lovely the glass is initially. Sorry, I'm still learning.

Wuu... Ice blended Mocha.

One of my favourite. Yea... The taste was rather ok. Not too thick, just nice for a drowsy afternoon awakening. People who cant take in huge amount of caffeine, this drink will be alright for you.

Water Chestnut with Coconut Milk.

Special Mix Combo Platter (Spring Rolls, Money Bags, Prawn Wantons and Fish Cakes).

The sauce is alright. The food may look simple but delicate in shapes and flavour.

Single Bowl.
Clear Tom Yam Seafood with Flat Noodle.

Surprise to see Tom Yam with this colour? Don't be! Never under estimate and have prejudice before you even taste the food. Don't be fooled by the colour of the soup, it is spicy!

Single Bowl.
Hot and Spicy Minced Chicken Noodle (soup).

Taste ordinary to me. Not really spicy enough although it was labelled with a chilli simbol at the side of the menu. Wish it could be a little bit more spicier and sour though.

Single Plate.
Side-Fried Spaghetti with Hot (something starts with B) Leaves.

I think although the place is cool enough but the food is slightly better than average only. The price is pretty expensive but I'm sure they can do better than this. There are still spaces for improvement. Yeap! Gambateh!!

Overall: 7/10

Thursday, 24 April 2008

Keep in Touch

Keep in 'Touch' (pic) by UMBA 2007 November Steamboat

Was reading a post from a friend's blog just the other day concerning 'friends' issue. It has become a very common matter these days. Find it hard to trust, sometimes do not know who can really be trusted. Hurts deep down. Feeling confused. Darkness overwhelmed. Worry how long can the relationship remain. Almost everyone been through the same stage. Some overcome this obstacle easily, but some still struggle in within. I'm in the grey area.

Everytime I send a message to a friend whom I have lost touch for sometimes, somehow there is an awkward feeling.

Of course, I need time to 'warm up' conversation with them when we meet face to face. Usually end up with unstopable conversation when time shows the word 'departure'.

Sometimes I would wonder what if I stay in the same school for a longer period and found myself a good friend and develop a better and longer good relationship since primary school, would I have a friend now whom I can proudly called 'a really good old friend'? It could be fun, wouldn't it?

I have always dreamt of having and envy other friends who have the so called 'good old friend'. Well, moving from one place to another may be easy to adapt for some people. I'm one. It has become a 'ritual' to me. Not that I have a choice. I have to learn fast adaptation. 'Learn it or loose it' was the situation.

2 kindergardens, 3 primary schools, 3 secondary schools, now uni. Kicked out from schools by headmasters/ headmistress for being the head of gangster in school. No one wants me. Too bad! Haha... Gotcha! Lame joke, lol. But the number of schools is true. No joke on the part.

After a few years in a school, I will have leave my friends and the familiar place where I thought I have settled down. Hard for a kid to say 'bye', 'see you again' and 'keep in touch'... when a kid has finally found a 'haven' that means a lot to him/ her. 'Immune' injected in me since then. That does not mean I am cruel and would not treasure what I had and have now. Just that I have to adjust myself faster, be brave, be tough, be 'cool'? haha...

One good things about this 'constant migrating' is that I get the privilege to see and understand more things from more different angles at different society and community. Able to make a great number of friends and be 'ge bo' =)

"Friends are easy to find, but hard to keep''

I'm glad God has always been there for me whenever I 'move'. He is my only 'really good OLD friend'. He gives me love, joy, hope, comfort, guidance, and always share my happiness and sorrows. My ever patience and loyal listener. Yea! My buddy!!

He bless me good friends wherever I am. Yes, each of you play a very important and different role in my life. Thank you! Really appreciate that. Sometimes the struggle with 'trust' still appear, but I'm learning to be wise. Yea, have faith!

Journey with obstacles is good, it gets us moving and mold us to be tougher!

Yep, I like it!

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

My Food Crave List

Yes. It's midnight now. I know I should be in bed and not suppose to do anything not worth of staying up late at this moment as this is the exam week. Just started the first paper on Journalism yesterday and tomorrow AW. Just weird. Don't know why am I not holding book or notes the whole day. Perhaps for a simple reason, I don't even know what to prepare at all. I am LOST!

My mind has been floating with food that I want to eat SOON!!!

The list can go on and on......

Here goes:
1. Superb duperb sinful chocolate with cheese browniesssss.
2. Ever delicious sushi with salmon and Tamago.
3. A big bowl of kimchi soup ramen. The spicier the better.
4. A big bucket of Baskin Robin ice cream, chocolate oreo mint yogurt rasberry...
5. Paramount's fried chicken nasi lemak. (Hehe... thanks amy for reminding)
6. I wanna try J CO's donuts.
7. Every single cake available in Secret Recipe.
8. Penang Asam Laksa.
9. Carbonara, cheese, meat ball spaghetti.
10. Dai shu giok's lieu fun.
11. Gravvy rice.
12. Dou fu fa.
13. ... ... ...

I cant think now. I see food, I'll grab it! Craving food like never before at this hour of time, siao!

Sunday, 20 April 2008

I'm a witch!! ??

Just randomly dropping some letters in the post in the state of boredom. I can stare at the same line on the same page for hours and this phenomenon occurs every study week in every semester.

Do you know that we are powerful? With one finger, we can do so many things. Do so many things with just ONE finger!! Cool right?? Haha...

1. We can turn the tv/ computer from blank and empty screne into a colourful and fill with lively movement.
2. People understand what we want with one point.
3. Withdraw money from atm.
4. Stop the bus driver at certain place.
5. Close/ open the elevator door at our wish.
6. Switch from website to website/ page to page on the computer screne.
7. Make someone realised that we are refering that particular person.
8. Say 'no' by moving only the finger.
9. 'Hand signal scolding/ cursing'.
10. Show we are happy, glad with something.
11. Indicate the 'last' without even verbally speak out.
12. Ask someone to come over.
13. Ask someone to get out.
14. Poke others physically.
15. Snap a picture.
16. Let little kid hold on to adult wherever they go. (note: their hands are too small)
17. Switch off the alarm clock.
18. Turn the lights on.
19. Order food =)
20. Scratch hair?

Hahaa... ok... the list can continue...

See!! We are powerful!! Amazing, isn't? Never realised you did all these with only one finger's effort? Now you know... =)

Ya... I'm just simply crapping some stuff when I'm feeling crappy. *blek*

Friday, 18 April 2008

Z007: Ipoh Zhu Cheong Fun

Ladies and Gentlemen, today our very special and honourable guest is with us. Let me introduce you, my beloved and all times favourite "Ipoh's Zhu Cheong Fun"!! (applause) *wink*

This is not any odinary zhu cheong fun that you can find on the whole continent of this country. Mind you, only Ipoh! Haha...

Not only it is cheap and looks good, also superb tasty. This dish may comes with either mushroom sauce or curry with 'pig's skin'. However , you can always still choose neither the 2 sauces I mentioned earlier, which is to have the plain zhu cheong fun with the "tim zhiong" (the red sweet sauce). In addition, you may request for the marinated green chillies.

As you can see from the picture above, the normal dish of zhu cheong fun in KL and Johor are very different from the one here. (Note: VERY DIFFERENT!!!) *ahem* "Very different!" I can't stop emphasizing the fact. I can clearly (very clearly) recall the very first time I ate 'those' in KL and Johor. I was totally shocked! (Like says foreigners who have the so called 'culture shock')

Wait! I must first clarify something before I move on. Please forgive me the words that I'm about to use in order to express the exact reaction, especially those who are from the states I've mentioned. Alright! Here goes! Arrgghhhh... Ewww... Gross!! How can anyone thought of using those superb duperb sweet sauce that taste like kaya? Hea Gou? I have no idea what are those!! Are those eatable? My goodness! Doesn't anyone actually feel that it's eerie?

This is the reason why zhu cheong fun appears in my Must-Eat list everytime I go back to Ipoh. *wink* I crave for it.

*Ahem* Anyway, I can't say that this is the best still, coz there's a better zhu cheong fun served in Teluk Anson. Everytime I eat the one from TA, I dare bet there isn't any other places can serve better than that one. **Thumbs UP**

Overall: 8/10 (Ipoh) 8.5/10 (TA)

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Home Sweet Home

Today is my 4th day at home. So lazy to do anything even to switch on my laptop. Yea yea... I'm a lazy bum. So you may be thinking what have you been doing, Irene? My answer is "Simply Slacking!" Cheers!

Anyway, my one week of study week is supposed to be sticking my eye balls right in front of my never ending lovely notes from all beloved lecturers until I'm well prepared for my exam next week. Thanks to all of you that I now somehow have to find a way to gobble down everything into my stomach. Eww... ink and paper!!

Ar... Study week means I can spend time at home and eat and eat and eat... hehe!! Spend time with my family, Mikko, tv, dramas, basketball, sleep as much as I want =) Ei! What about my study?? Great, I forgot to insert it somewhere...

Oya! On Sunday, the moment I step into di's car, I can't stop reminding di and mi to drop me at the coffee shop in Ipoh Garden East to let me 'da bao' Lui Cha.

I can clearly remember I wanted to eat this for so long since CNY. I went there twice and it was close. *ish! Geram!* Ar!! Finally!! It's OPEN!!! I was really happy and ordered a BIG one. =) When I was about to leave, something was blinking and attract my attention towards it. Egg tart. Wait! It's Cheese egg tart. Yeap! I got myself an apple cheese egg tart. When the lady tried to put the egg tart cautiously into the plastic bag, I nearly burst out "It's alright! I can't wait! Just give me the egg tart without the plastic bag! I wanna eat now!" Of course, as you have known me, I'm not that kind of impudent person, right? *ahem* Anyway, I walked away gracefully. *wink*

I wanted to take a picture of this lovely apple egg tart. Too late!
I gobbled the whole thing down in my throat once I enter the car.
This is what is left (pic). I was a little too hungry coz I did not had breakfast as I was rushing to pudu. As usual, slept in the bus and even knocked on the side of the window which really hurts. That's how a babi can sleep =)

Alright! Let me intruduce this lovely and ever munchyful delicious food-Lui Cha! *ta ta* Not only it's healthy but yummy. It is a dish with rice and lots of different vege and nuts (pic in the middle). The greenish 'tea' also kinda like soup for the dish smells so good that it just taste ever so delicious once you mix everything together. Yeap! It's a must try food!! Overall: 8/10 =)

Within the first 2 hours in Ipoh, I ate 5 things altogether. Haha... siao right? Dai jou bu. I was really happy enjoying the food. I had the egg tart as appetizer, Lui Cha as the first course, fruits, my mi's home cooking-normal Lunch and dessert. Which means, I had 2 big bowls of rice in one go. Hmm... I think I might be a little bit of extreme.

Evening, we all went out for dinner. I had a normal chicken chop. It was quite good. The colour, setting, taste in terms of the sauce and meat were really fine. Hey! Mind you, this is found in food court. Not any restaurant. If they can provide such standard, I don't think the cafe or restaurant should have any excuses to provide worse dish. Buck up! Overall: 7.5/10

An extremely heavy-duty day for my stomach. Haha... but I'm superb happy!

Friday, 11 April 2008

Assignments' OVER!!!

Went to Anita's place on Tuesday evening to rush the JR assignment which due Friday. Yea. It's over!! IT"S OVER!!! KO!!! Wahaha...

It was a heavy rain pour. We, as in Minyu, Nobita and me, were soak. Especially the shoes! My goodness... the rain was so heavy that when we came out from Digital Mall, we dare not to go near the main entrance. Everywhere was flooded. The main road in front of Jaya One and Utar. Crazy!!! What's the drain for?? Someone, do something about it!! Anyway, I only got my shoes wet when I came out of the car to enter uni again. 0,O"" So, while we were doing the assignment in uni, I was actually bare foot, haha....

Then we figured out it's better to do it together since most of us are not good in using the programme plus eagerly wanted to see our production done asap. Yeap! Called Nobita's mama for permission to stay over. Hehe... Love her place so much la! Her parents are so lovely and willing to let us stay over for the night.

Anyway, we had our dinner in a cafeteria at her place. The place was ok. The service was average. The food was ok. But I can only give 5/10 overall. Coz the pattaya I had was a bit tasteless towards the end. They should put in more effort man...

The night was horrible. From around 8pm-1am, we managed to finshed edit 1 page only. Then the night (should be morning) went on till 6am... with the munch of 'pao' from 'mama' and 'papa', junk food, sweets...

Felt kinda guilty coz I actually felt asleep around 4.30am plus, where we were almost done with the 3rd page. Left the last page. Sorry pals... I really dozed off.
The next morning around 6am, it was done.

Me and Jeannie went to the shop happily and eagerly to see the production being printed. Then, something happened! Seriously shocking! I almost burst out with "WHAT??" "NO WAY!!" "DON'T JOKE!!!". Ya... it was madness!! When we were almost coming to the point of printing it out, then only we realised that only the first page was edited in A3, the rest were all A4. I was so exhausted and felt so empty inside of me. There are only 2 days left and we need immediate amendment!!!

Called the editorial team and all came to my place to re-edit. Spent about 7 hours straight down again to re-edit everything. Everyone was seriously strained out. Furthermore, 2 days of sleepless nights with the tension of the newspaper production and the psycholinguistic quiz on Thursday are really beyond what I can handle. However, it was fine in the end. Praise God!!

My lovely group members, Anita, Megan, Ju, Jeannie and me with our proudly present newspaper 'The PJ Post'!! =)

Our 'The PJ Post' newspaper first page =) Special thanks to the Entangled Musical Production, Wern Loong and Rachel for the photos, Ian for the quote, Chee for the Calderwood's talk pictures, Lin Yoke for the help, Viv and Sarah for the advice, and all the people who helped us along the journey. Really appreciate from the bottom of my heart!!
Thursday night, I was so free, not sure what can be done to fill the emptiness all of a sudden. After the psycho quiz and the newspaper printing, I'm officially FREE!!! Wow!!
Went to makan the whole day non-stop today. Mamak, Secret Recipe, Murni... *ish* Keep eating je! I had a chocolate brownie and it taste as good as ever! YUM!!!

Oya! Finally tasted the 'Pink Panther' from Murni just now and it was superb!!! Sorry, forgot to take photo... but it was really good!! 8/10 I would give! =)

Thursday, 10 April 2008

Fake me

At times, I'm just tired of being who i am
Tired of being Ms Perfect
Tired of being Ms Leader
Tired of being Ms Know Everything
Tired of being Ms Happy All The Time
Tired of being who am I now

You may think I have thought too much
But it has been so true
So true that I can no longer take it anymore
You might want to tell me it is alright
But it has been this way all these while
That is why you never realised

Sometimes I wonder what am I doing
Am I doing something worth of doing?
Worth of sacrificing my time, my strength, my smile?
Invest everything for something
Something that I'm not even sure sometimes
Where am I heading?

To please everyone?
To be the person you think I am?
To make every single decision for everyone?
To show how much I can do?
To show my smile will never fade?

Stop it, I'm telling you!
I am not perfect, even though I'm trying so hard in everyday of my life
I hate to lead, because I want to move forward together
I am not encyclopedia, you must understand my brain is still linking the neurons
I hate faking my smiles, because I prefer true smile
I am not who you think I am, you must realise

O Lord! Do teach me how to live out my true self
I need your guidance wisdom
I just want to live my life with You, just for You
You know that full well
I just want to please You, not anyone else
You know me better than myself

It's never fun to live such a life
Worn out, yes I am
Sick, in fact
Renew me, O Lord!

Saturday, 5 April 2008

Z006: SS2 Sik Ban Gai

This is rather an old post. Was kinda busy and some what we called "lazy" to post. haha... I went to this place called "Shi Ban Jie" or cantonese "Sik Ban Gai" last Wednesday with my lovely food gang, haha... (you know who you are) *wink*

Oya, it's located in SS2 somewhere near Maybank I think, if i'm not mistaken.

This brownish colour drink is Ice Lemon Tea, yea... I think you can guess right? haha... *lame* As for the taste, actually I'm not so sure too, forgot to ask... coz it's not my drink ma... but you can ask sarah... =)

Just thought of capturing the picture of the food and drinks coz they all look pretty good, well... I guess I just got used to it whenver it comes to meal time, sorry... Food is my crave now and forever, you will realised how irritating I can be especially during 'makan' time =P

Calimansi drinks. First time encountering such beautiful name. Okay, you may heard of it but seriously until now I still don't know how it derieved or what does it mean.

If I wasn't mistaken, it is kinda sour but overall it's fine. Right, Anita? =) Can't really recall details coz this is kinda 'overdue' information stored in my brain, sorry!

Yep! Guess what's this? Haha... as if you all have no idea, yayaya... it's soya leong fun alright... The taste is just fine and personally I think they are kinda generous too, they put quite a lot of 'leong fun' in my drinks... Thanks!! hehe...

Just thought of having some 'guessing' fun time with the pictures... haha... o,0''''

Pork Wat Dan Hor. This dish looks really healthy and yummy. I suppose it tastes good coz sarah finished it all up. =)

Wukii. My turn. My food. Black Papper Chicken Rice. Ya, I think it's pretty good in terms of taste and smell. The source mix well with the chicken and vege. It neither too salty or spicy. The rice is quite special coz they actually cook it with egg. So, it's not just any other plain rice. =)

Salad erm... sorry... forgot the name behind. But as you can see, the salad looks good. I'm sure the person who prepared this did a good job, pretty delicate. Megan enjoyed it. =)

Chicken Burger. Looks different from the normal burger that you can get from fast food outlet. It's a 'okay' burger. I think 'my-no-fast-food-record' till today is alomost reaching 3 months, haha =)

Fried Pork. Erm... basically I don't think I remember Ju saying anything like "Wuu... superb!" So, I think it's okay. Correct me if I'm wrong Ju. =)

Alright, last but not least! Guess again!!! Hahaha.... It's Bone!!! Wakaka... gotcha! =P

Overall: 7/10

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Z005: Old Town, Murni

Wow! Finally it's all coming to an end!! I think I can the finishing line of my race, haha... Next week will be the final week before study week. I can hardly believe I am actually in Year 2 now. Too fast, too furious! But I think I kind of enjoyed and seriously learnt a lot from many things, friends,... Praise the Lord!

Oya! Somehow today, I just felt the really pure great joy and satisfaction inside of me. I think it's partly because I stayed up the whole night just to finsh my morpho assignment even though I clearly know that I have another day to rush it. I just want to see it DONE! Then I came back from uni, slept like a babi for 4 hours with the superb cooling weather taking every single sweat and tiredness away... Another thing is that, I finally got a reply that I have waited for weeks! haha... How can I not to be laughing? Wakaka!!

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Anyway, I finally tried the Prawn Noodle in Old Town Jaya One last Friday. It was 'ok'. Not bad. Somehow, I just felt that it isn't 'gau' enough in the taste... something clearly is missing...

Overall: 6.5/10

Me and lovely housemates went to Murni last Saturday as I have promised to have dinner with them and I was the one who brought up the idea of going there since it has been a while.

We ordered food after some 'serious' observation and survey (joking nia). Coz the main idea was to try out some fresh, delicious and famous food there. They have such a long list of menu (note: menu there is not written form, but verbally mentioned by the person who takes your order). We were having a hard time making decision as we were all hoping the dinner would be something unique and different. Plus, the 'canggih' name for the food makes it even harder to imagine the scenario.

If I'm not mistaken with name, it's Carbonara spaghetti. Ei! This one is pretty good. If you have not tried any good spaghetti with cheese, take this! The sauce is not too thick and everything goes pretty good altogether, coz I can't make a good spaghetti as this, haha...

Claypot Lou Shu Fun. This is the average dish among the rest. Obviously they need to put more effort to invest in the taste. It's kind of 'so-so'.

Roti Hawaiian. Yep! As I have mentioned earlier in another post, it's GOOD! Need me to say more? Just go have one. =)

Seafood Fried Rice. The frying skill is average, but at least they do know how to 'mix' the ingredients and make it looks not just any other fried rice. It's like you have varieties in the fried rice itself. Pretty interesting!

Nappolean. Special dish I would say. The main character is the meat and some stuff fried together as you can see from the picture above. The sauce given goes pretty well with it. The taste blends well into the throat.

Ribenna Special. Check out the colour of the straws... cool right?? neh! Don't be jealous because they treated us better, haha...

This is a mixual of lemon and sour plum... I think it's great, like 'lick till the last drop' drinks. Yeah!!

Overall: 7.5/10

Till then, .... more to come...