Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Home Sweet Home

Today is my 4th day at home. So lazy to do anything even to switch on my laptop. Yea yea... I'm a lazy bum. So you may be thinking what have you been doing, Irene? My answer is "Simply Slacking!" Cheers!

Anyway, my one week of study week is supposed to be sticking my eye balls right in front of my never ending lovely notes from all beloved lecturers until I'm well prepared for my exam next week. Thanks to all of you that I now somehow have to find a way to gobble down everything into my stomach. Eww... ink and paper!!

Ar... Study week means I can spend time at home and eat and eat and eat... hehe!! Spend time with my family, Mikko, tv, dramas, basketball, sleep as much as I want =) Ei! What about my study?? Great, I forgot to insert it somewhere...

Oya! On Sunday, the moment I step into di's car, I can't stop reminding di and mi to drop me at the coffee shop in Ipoh Garden East to let me 'da bao' Lui Cha.

I can clearly remember I wanted to eat this for so long since CNY. I went there twice and it was close. *ish! Geram!* Ar!! Finally!! It's OPEN!!! I was really happy and ordered a BIG one. =) When I was about to leave, something was blinking and attract my attention towards it. Egg tart. Wait! It's Cheese egg tart. Yeap! I got myself an apple cheese egg tart. When the lady tried to put the egg tart cautiously into the plastic bag, I nearly burst out "It's alright! I can't wait! Just give me the egg tart without the plastic bag! I wanna eat now!" Of course, as you have known me, I'm not that kind of impudent person, right? *ahem* Anyway, I walked away gracefully. *wink*

I wanted to take a picture of this lovely apple egg tart. Too late!
I gobbled the whole thing down in my throat once I enter the car.
This is what is left (pic). I was a little too hungry coz I did not had breakfast as I was rushing to pudu. As usual, slept in the bus and even knocked on the side of the window which really hurts. That's how a babi can sleep =)

Alright! Let me intruduce this lovely and ever munchyful delicious food-Lui Cha! *ta ta* Not only it's healthy but yummy. It is a dish with rice and lots of different vege and nuts (pic in the middle). The greenish 'tea' also kinda like soup for the dish smells so good that it just taste ever so delicious once you mix everything together. Yeap! It's a must try food!! Overall: 8/10 =)

Within the first 2 hours in Ipoh, I ate 5 things altogether. Haha... siao right? Dai jou bu. I was really happy enjoying the food. I had the egg tart as appetizer, Lui Cha as the first course, fruits, my mi's home cooking-normal Lunch and dessert. Which means, I had 2 big bowls of rice in one go. Hmm... I think I might be a little bit of extreme.

Evening, we all went out for dinner. I had a normal chicken chop. It was quite good. The colour, setting, taste in terms of the sauce and meat were really fine. Hey! Mind you, this is found in food court. Not any restaurant. If they can provide such standard, I don't think the cafe or restaurant should have any excuses to provide worse dish. Buck up! Overall: 7.5/10

An extremely heavy-duty day for my stomach. Haha... but I'm superb happy!


1 cool lass said...

yohhhhh lui mum's favourite..i learnt to eat this because of mum... ^_^
there's 1 in Ampang, quite nice also.

ireneC said...

haha... yeah!! I love this dish soo much!! cant live without it!! and i'm definitely proud to be a 'hakka'!! yea yea~

ViViEnNe said...

eh!!my mum is hakka aso la...she makes that occasionally..wanna cum?

ireneC said...

cool!!! viv!! i'll definitely pay a visit during the holidays... hehe... yea yea~

1 cool lass said...

wahhhhh vivi i 1na eat lo =P