Tuesday, 29 December 2009

That devilish piece of paper

Got on to the car happily after the purchase. Only realised that devilish spoiler piece of paper attached at the front when I was approaching a traffic light. Great! Simply spoilt my hard work for keeping my years of record ever since I got my car licence. A parking fine. I have been to that place for so many times and never know that I need to place a parking ticket. Arghhh!!

"气到爆!" (qi dao bao)

The worst thing is that it was stated exactly 3 minutes after I left the car at the parking area. Very efficient!

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Mah Jong

I have tried learning how to play mah jong since a few years back. Each time I play, I have to re-learn all the rules again. Just cant understand why my brain never seems to store this information into the long term memory box.

Last few days, we were playing it again. As usual, learning starts from zero. So far, I've acquired a few basic rules that can keep me survived for the super duper beginner's level. The game caught my interest, just that the 'kaki' mah jong is not enough. Now, really looking forward for da jie's homecoming, nyehehee. "Fai fai fan lei lo! Ngo yew da ma jiok! Fai dit fai dit!"

The previous 'sifus' taught me when we were in Cameron. The learning process was like a bullet train speed. I wanted so badly to play even though I tak tau anything. So, one sat on the left and the other on the right told me the how-s and why-s of the game. Superb! They are such expert! After a few rounds, I managed to so-called-guide (adoi, macam pandai sikit dah, keke!) another 'mah jong zero' to play.

I think I'm a little addicted to it.
Is it bad?


Thursday, 17 December 2009

A little too early for this, but I cant wait....

"我虎年的朋友们, 站起来吧!"

Finally!!! AWESOME!!

Sorry, if I have irritated anyone who is not born in the year of tiger, hahaa...

Friday, 11 December 2009

Just ask WHY

It's clearly understood that when we ask "Why?", it means we are curious and our brains are in quest of an answer to a question. Well, exclude the time when we purposely ask "Why why why..." to irritate others of course, hahaa!

I'm pretty sure that most of us were encouraged to ask "Why blah blah blah .... ?" when we encounter difficulties in understanding since kindergarden or primary school by our teachers.

"Students, raise your hand if you cannot comprehend what I have just taught."
Which usually only ended up with a few hands waving in the air or none at all. Well, it's either all the students fully understood what was taught earlier or they dont even bother to ask anything.

I am not trying to point fingers at people nor blame anyone, for a simple reason, I was... perhaps am one of the category of students who have heavy hands, being ignorance for getting answer on the spot or clear my doubts.

I used to ask. But it ended somewhere along the journey in primary schooling.

I came to a point whereby some of my questions were not able to direct me to any answer that can satisfy what I seek to know. Then, I realised that I cant always depend on the human being around me alone to provide me the answer. Silly enough, I gave up being more hardworking to dig through the limited information accesses beyond my level of comprehension.

So, there was this what's-the-point-of-asking attitude started to show. It slowly became a habit. A habit that developed my curiosity into slow motion and blunted my responses. Sometimes, I would let-go the innitiative of searching the answer. The inner me struggled for a period of time for accumulating too many questions. The many questions that caused me not able to understand too many things.

Yet, there are people whom I met in my life always seem to be able to convince me that asking "Why?" on the spot is still essential. I do thank God for them. Really. I would start to forget why "Why?" is so important, if it wasnt for them. People dont convince me through argument or debate, but through action and outcome. And they won.

On and off, I will fall back to my old-self. It takes time, I guess.

It's undeniable that the attitude of asking is good, being independent to search for the answer is even better. However, there are still questions that the world holds no absolute answers to them. Only Him. I hope He stores a huge memory box for me up there to save all the questions I had and have, as I have difficulty recalling things or names that appeared even just a week ago now.

I know, some people think kids who always question a lot are a bit irritating. Even some think those who always ask pretended to be smart or make them outstanding or what-so-ever-they-say. I wont use 'The truth is', because I aint qualify to use it either, I prefer to use 'From my experience'. My experience tells me that you wont become a loser nor loose anything for asking questions, even if you dont get the answer, at least you tried, so why not? If we dont get the answer, look it up on our own. There are certain knowledge acquired through experience, not just merely textbook. The rest, let's find out when we meet Him.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009


Received an odd comment on the brownies made recently which I can never comprehend.

"It tastes like Bak Gua!"

Chocolate brownies taste like bak gua, how odd!
But I was so sure I didnt touch/use any pork or meat during the baking.