Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Nyonya Colors

Went there with my foodie friends about 3 weeks ago.
Hahaa! I know, I know... It is another 'lapuk' story, yet the best thing is food there wont, isnt great? Hahaa! That's why I love food hunting!

Here, I give you 'Nyonya Colors'!

The main thing that attracted my attention was the stools. How uniquely beautiful designed, brought me back to Melacca, the amazing historical place that I have always love. If only I'm still a kid, I'm sure I'll go hopping around the store a few rounds, then settle down myself after picking my favourite seat, hahaa! My parents taught me well, so I bahaved *grin*

5One of the stool next to mine. Cantik5

The ancient look of the interior and how customers enjoyed their meal with such comfortable ambience.

Anyone would simply drool over such varieties of kuih-muih. Everything was placed so accordingly with so many names that I could never ever remember, but every single one of them look too tempting to be tasted.

As I said earlier, I cant possibly remember the name, so I will just let the pictures roll...

5These, I know. 5
From left: Lapi Coco, Talam Ubi & Angku M. Bean. (According to the receipt)

5Fried noodles with chicken5

5Nasi lemak5 Taste really good, well recommended.

5Ice kacang5

Basically, the food there taste good. We didnt managed to try everything, of course. But for the food we ordered, "Passed with a smile".

The customer service there was good, friendly. Price is simply affordable.

Nyonya Colors
Mid-Valley Gardens
Tel: 603- 7728 2288

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Smile with wrinkle

When I looked back my schedule, I was a little freaked out.

Every week, consistently, all kinds of meetings, die-for-approval-and-move-on-to-the-next-procedure consultations and brains-smashing discussions besides the classes that good-kid-must-attend, the never-never-ending assignments ("Long live the assignments!" joking nia...) and fyp, the additional-'encouraged'-to-be-there-ceremonies, and the current assignment fever news covering in KL.

Thursday these days has become my rest day of the week, instead of Sunday. (I dont like this arrangement, but I enjoyed the rest that I can get on this one day off. ) "Give me back MY Sunday!"

Friday always haunt me the worst, from morning till night even though I have no classes to attend, but I'll definately required to be in campus. For the past 2 weeks, Friday has brought enough wrinkles to my face. Every minute counts, seriously. The worst was last Friday, one discussion and 3 meetings somehow scheduled in one day. One after another...

Some say
"Your final semester only has 2 subjects and FYP, so nice!"

My answer to you
"You have really no idea what is it like. And I dont think you ever wanna be in my shoe, hahahaa!"

Yet, it has been fruitful, yes. Hard work pays off.
Continue to smile, even with wrinkles, hahaa! =)

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Itchy Fingers

I was reminded of what I did during last Saturday lecture.

During the lecture, Mr J accidentally kicked the table where the projector was. So, the projector was slightly off its position.

He didnt bother to adjust the projector but went on to the white board in front and wrote some notes there.

As usual, my response is to adjust the position of the projector since I can do it with one hand without even leaving my seated position.

While I was one hand copying notes from the white board and one hand adjusting the projector, Mr J suddenly turned his head over slowly. He looked slightly shocked as he turned, as if he has seen a ghost. Then his stare stopped on me.

"Er... Opps! What did I do?"

Mr J said he thought the projector moved on its own when he was writing some notes on the white board, just at the edge of the screen where the projector projected the slides. He got shocked when he realised 'it' moves as he was writing.

My hand still paused at the same position as he explained.

I think someone at the back of the class laughed out loud and told me "Hey Irene! You itchy hand la... " and also something like I have frightened Mr J off.

The whole class roared with laughter.


What did Giant do this time?

My good intention has turned out to be some jokes of the day, again. Aiks*
Nevermind, at least you guys and girls stayed awake after the laughter. Cheers =)