Sunday, 12 July 2009

Smile with wrinkle

When I looked back my schedule, I was a little freaked out.

Every week, consistently, all kinds of meetings, die-for-approval-and-move-on-to-the-next-procedure consultations and brains-smashing discussions besides the classes that good-kid-must-attend, the never-never-ending assignments ("Long live the assignments!" joking nia...) and fyp, the additional-'encouraged'-to-be-there-ceremonies, and the current assignment fever news covering in KL.

Thursday these days has become my rest day of the week, instead of Sunday. (I dont like this arrangement, but I enjoyed the rest that I can get on this one day off. ) "Give me back MY Sunday!"

Friday always haunt me the worst, from morning till night even though I have no classes to attend, but I'll definately required to be in campus. For the past 2 weeks, Friday has brought enough wrinkles to my face. Every minute counts, seriously. The worst was last Friday, one discussion and 3 meetings somehow scheduled in one day. One after another...

Some say
"Your final semester only has 2 subjects and FYP, so nice!"

My answer to you
"You have really no idea what is it like. And I dont think you ever wanna be in my shoe, hahahaa!"

Yet, it has been fruitful, yes. Hard work pays off.
Continue to smile, even with wrinkles, hahaa! =)


kiawin said...

it's a once in a life time experience that you'll never get again :)

~**TranquilBlossom**~ said...

haha... 'smile even with wrinkles'!
exactly, stay happy even under hardships~ :)
now i am a bit worried... haha!

ireneC said...

Sian Lerk, yea.. the 'once in a life time experience' that lasted for 3 years, hahaa! Anyway, life as a student is still the best =)

Jane, dont worry, u'll be fine i'm sure. Coz u are not like me, my so-called 'inspiration' & 'motivation' come last minute, hahaa! =P