Tuesday, 29 December 2009

That devilish piece of paper

Got on to the car happily after the purchase. Only realised that devilish spoiler piece of paper attached at the front when I was approaching a traffic light. Great! Simply spoilt my hard work for keeping my years of record ever since I got my car licence. A parking fine. I have been to that place for so many times and never know that I need to place a parking ticket. Arghhh!!

"气到爆!" (qi dao bao)

The worst thing is that it was stated exactly 3 minutes after I left the car at the parking area. Very efficient!

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Mah Jong

I have tried learning how to play mah jong since a few years back. Each time I play, I have to re-learn all the rules again. Just cant understand why my brain never seems to store this information into the long term memory box.

Last few days, we were playing it again. As usual, learning starts from zero. So far, I've acquired a few basic rules that can keep me survived for the super duper beginner's level. The game caught my interest, just that the 'kaki' mah jong is not enough. Now, really looking forward for da jie's homecoming, nyehehee. "Fai fai fan lei lo! Ngo yew da ma jiok! Fai dit fai dit!"

The previous 'sifus' taught me when we were in Cameron. The learning process was like a bullet train speed. I wanted so badly to play even though I tak tau anything. So, one sat on the left and the other on the right told me the how-s and why-s of the game. Superb! They are such expert! After a few rounds, I managed to so-called-guide (adoi, macam pandai sikit dah, keke!) another 'mah jong zero' to play.

I think I'm a little addicted to it.
Is it bad?


Thursday, 17 December 2009

A little too early for this, but I cant wait....

"我虎年的朋友们, 站起来吧!"

Finally!!! AWESOME!!

Sorry, if I have irritated anyone who is not born in the year of tiger, hahaa...

Friday, 11 December 2009

Just ask WHY

It's clearly understood that when we ask "Why?", it means we are curious and our brains are in quest of an answer to a question. Well, exclude the time when we purposely ask "Why why why..." to irritate others of course, hahaa!

I'm pretty sure that most of us were encouraged to ask "Why blah blah blah .... ?" when we encounter difficulties in understanding since kindergarden or primary school by our teachers.

"Students, raise your hand if you cannot comprehend what I have just taught."
Which usually only ended up with a few hands waving in the air or none at all. Well, it's either all the students fully understood what was taught earlier or they dont even bother to ask anything.

I am not trying to point fingers at people nor blame anyone, for a simple reason, I was... perhaps am one of the category of students who have heavy hands, being ignorance for getting answer on the spot or clear my doubts.

I used to ask. But it ended somewhere along the journey in primary schooling.

I came to a point whereby some of my questions were not able to direct me to any answer that can satisfy what I seek to know. Then, I realised that I cant always depend on the human being around me alone to provide me the answer. Silly enough, I gave up being more hardworking to dig through the limited information accesses beyond my level of comprehension.

So, there was this what's-the-point-of-asking attitude started to show. It slowly became a habit. A habit that developed my curiosity into slow motion and blunted my responses. Sometimes, I would let-go the innitiative of searching the answer. The inner me struggled for a period of time for accumulating too many questions. The many questions that caused me not able to understand too many things.

Yet, there are people whom I met in my life always seem to be able to convince me that asking "Why?" on the spot is still essential. I do thank God for them. Really. I would start to forget why "Why?" is so important, if it wasnt for them. People dont convince me through argument or debate, but through action and outcome. And they won.

On and off, I will fall back to my old-self. It takes time, I guess.

It's undeniable that the attitude of asking is good, being independent to search for the answer is even better. However, there are still questions that the world holds no absolute answers to them. Only Him. I hope He stores a huge memory box for me up there to save all the questions I had and have, as I have difficulty recalling things or names that appeared even just a week ago now.

I know, some people think kids who always question a lot are a bit irritating. Even some think those who always ask pretended to be smart or make them outstanding or what-so-ever-they-say. I wont use 'The truth is', because I aint qualify to use it either, I prefer to use 'From my experience'. My experience tells me that you wont become a loser nor loose anything for asking questions, even if you dont get the answer, at least you tried, so why not? If we dont get the answer, look it up on our own. There are certain knowledge acquired through experience, not just merely textbook. The rest, let's find out when we meet Him.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009


Received an odd comment on the brownies made recently which I can never comprehend.

"It tastes like Bak Gua!"

Chocolate brownies taste like bak gua, how odd!
But I was so sure I didnt touch/use any pork or meat during the baking.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009


"I remember I was surfing the internet that day. Then I heard some noise at my back. I turned. Stunned. Immediately stood up and screamed."

"I was sneaking into a room through a window. There she was, busy doing something on a machine with her back facing the window, which I think it's a laptop. I tried very hard to sneak in quietly but I stepped onto something that caused her to turn. When she saw me, she screamed. I was totally freaked out and immediately jumped out from the window and ran for my life."

I saw an animal trying to sneak into my house's second floor. Silly thing, gave me a fright. Nearly had a heart attack. It was SO close yet I still cant figure out what it was. Could be a cat or a squirrel.

Later, I heard some noise in my parents' room. So, I quietly open the door, turn on the light and peep inside. Saw that black greyish fellow from the back again, walking slowly across the room. Ish! It's IT again!

Told my sister to bring me a 'rotan' and we both jumped inside to declare the war. But the enermy was totally out of sight before we could even lay an evil stroke on it, hmph!

Dont do that again, I had enough in one day.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Sounds familiar?

I was at a book store. Drooling over the food books pathethically. Then, overheard a conversation between a mother and her son and daughter.

Mother (M), Son (S), Daughter (D)

D: 妈... 咪..~~
M: 哇! 你不要越叫越恐怖!
D: 妈咪, 我要买书。
M: 嘿呀! 越叫越恐怖! 多少钱? 你去告诉爸爸...
S: 妈咪! 我要买这本书。 我自己有带钱买书。
M: 哇! 好! OK OK...

I almost laughed out loud, hahaa! I was afraid if I peep at them, I'll burst out laughing. This lady's respond was so funny, the way she say '恐怖' was super hilarious!

That scene sounds familiar to you?
It is for me, at least. My sibings and I were in this situation before for many many times when we were young and money-less. I miss those times. (Especially when we wanted to get comics, hahaa!)

Friday, 30 October 2009

Spell S.T.R.E.S.S

I went back to uni yesterday and was caught by some students who were doing a campaign on stress at the foyer. As usual, I was asked to do a questionnaire and later was given a piece of paper to define 'stress'. I should have define it as followed:

1. When I realised that I am no longer fit to produce 600 words on a piece of paper =stress
2. I am not allowed to tell a lame joke when I'm feeling super crappy =stress
3. Drooling over the pictures of delicious cakes, cookies, sushi, dimsum,... on cook books in a book store =stress
4. Driving only 120km/h on highway =stress
5. When I finally realised that I dont really understand how to define stress =STRESS

Good news for all!

I know it would sound weird for ME to convince anyone to be a primary school teacher, hehee!

But, ...

... they get to celebrate Children's Day with the kids! Food and fun!!!
Isnt it awesome?

Neh! It doesnt mean i'm interested also though. =P

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Taken from http://vi.sualize.us/tag/medicine/


This is how I persuaded my little sister to take her medicine, hahaa!

"I have never actually encounter the difficulty of taking medicine. Which according to my parents, I love medicine since I was a child. A weird kid I am, hahaa! Well, in a nicer phrase, I am an obedient patient."

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Remained silent

I used to find it difficult to understand why there are people who would choose to remained silent when obviously the truth will help to clear the misundertanding and one's innocent guilt.

Whenever I came to the part of the movie/ drama, I would:
"Eller... just tell la... what is so difficult?"
"Silly, explain je, remained silent wont help, okay?"

Logically, we tend to think that explanation helps to solve the issue faced. Yes, it does, I dont deny the fact that it does, most of the time.

Yet, it might backfire too.

Sometimes, it is the fact that will hurt the other person's feelings, and you only realised it after you have done so or it might lead to another even worse/ complicated circumstances that you never thought it would ever happen.

Some people choose to sacrifice themselves and let the truth to be known one day naturally.
What if the day never arrive?

Some people are simply too tired to engage anymore emotion to care. Choose to ignore and let go, which usually is only the temporary let go.
What about in the future?

Some choose not to confront the situation on the spot, but later create chaos indirectly.
Is that really how you want to solve the problem?

Anything can become very complicated.
Is complicated healthy?

Wednesday, 14 October 2009


Will type something again, soon.

I will be back after the commercial break, hahaa!

Wednesday, 16 September 2009


Whoever left that stupid message in my chatbox, this post is for you!

If you think using MY name and posting brainless message here is fun, then you are so wrong! And you are messing with the wrong person obviously!

Grow up, you!

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Alive, again

Lesson of the day: Charge the battery.

"Stop giving your phone nightmares!"
"Adoi, please... no more 3rd time!"

"Wukie dukie, I will try to remember." paiseh

Monday, 7 September 2009

Nice Combination

Meat. Bone. Oil. Skin

Thursday, 3 September 2009


I have a need to control my diet.

I'm serious.

This is the consequence when I asked for celebrations... but I am not regret, hahaa!

Saturday, 29 August 2009


I have literary stared at this blank page for more than 10 minutes before I could gathered back my conscious to begin. I had to calm myself, rearrange my very complicated feelings and thoughts to begin this post.

I hope by the end of this long post, you will have a clearer picture of where my mind is for now.

It's very hard for me to describe my day, but I shall try...

I was walking to uni today to meet up my group members for the assignment discussion. As I walked out from my apartment, I started to tell my Father how much I love Him and thank Him for His abundant blessings. Then, when I came to a junction, suddenly I turned towards the road that leads to the main road instead of the short cut that I would normally take without much of my conscious. As I was taking my second step, I had second thought of turning back, but in the end I did not.

So, as I was reaching another junction, something caught my attention. I saw an Indian man had his bike stopped at the mouth of the junction where I was like around 10 steps away from him. He seems to be searching for something from the bucket of his bike or arranging something. I thought he might have just wanted to arrange and tie up his stuff before he continue his journey.

3 seconds later, 2 motorbikes flew out from that same junction. There were 2 guys on one rather slightly bigger in size bike in red, and another lone biker tailed. I knew something was not right, something really wrong was about to happen.

The red bike flew out from the junction and made a very fast and furious u-turn, then turned and stopped his bike facing the Indian man, while the other one stopped behind that man. The moment the red bike stopped, the guy from the back jumped down and ran towards the Indian man, so as the guy that tailed closely.

What I saw was that the Indian man very quickly took out his metal hex nut tightener (not sure what does that tool called) from his bucket, and started whacking that 2 guys when they approached him with ferocity.

I stood there, completely lost my conscious. At first, I thought it was a street fight coz I couldnt really see what was going on. A few seconds later, only did I realised it was a snatch theft.

I know there were only 2 things that I could do. One, help that man and risk my life, coz I was not sure whether the guys were holding any weapon like knife or something that can take my life away. Two, run and get help but it might be too late coz everything is happening so fast.

When I look at what I had on my hands, arghh... only 2 heavy library books! And my umbrella was in my bag. Super pathetic! How?????

The second I decided to throw the books on them, I saw the guy riding on the red bike who was waiting for his partner in crime actually looked at me with his really scary expression.

"Arghh... shooooottt! He saw me!!"

I thought he might ride towards me and make my life miserable. I retreated 2 steps back. Then suddenly, the fight was over. They flew away with their bikes.

I quickly ran towards to the Indian man and asked him whether he was alright. He was not hurt at all, thank God! Then, he showed me his palm was holding on to his gold pendant and his gold chain was still hanging on his neck, told me they were trying to snatch it just now. But they didnt manage to do so. He said his defence with his little tool here might be small, but it hurted them. He told me that he suspected the 3 of them has been tracking on him since a while ago.

The corner house residents closed their gates as they were freaked out as much as I did and looked from the other side of the gate. Later, 2 other motorcyclists turned into ths junction and showed concern and suggested him to report it to the police nearby.

Even when I continued my journey, I was still a little shaken by the incident. I came a conclusion whereby, IF I ever encounter another such incident again, I think I know what I should do.
One, if I have anything good enough to be a weapon with me and the situation allows me to help out, WHACK!
Two, if I cant help out, dont try to be a hero, coz I can still shout "POLICE!" to scare them off and take down the plate numbers.

Everything happened so fast, I felt so helpless and sorry for the man for I couldnt do anything when I was so near. However, I really do wanna thank God for keeping the man and everyone else safe during the incident. I know why I took the road that leads to the main road this afternoon, it was His plan. I could have been the target or even got hurt if I took other road. Really thank God!

When I reached uni, I told my friends, but I think the whole reading room heard me, sorry... I was too confused. I tried to tell them the incident, but my mind was running with a million thoughts and not able to arrange it all in sequence for one moment.

All the confusion and anxiety was over when I began working on the website with my friends. It was another session of website designing and checking time. The hours were torturing, but Jeannie was the one who suffered the most. We worked till less than an hour for me to travel to church just now. Seriously, every second that count. It has been a week of just work work work. Thank God, this is the very very last assignment for my degree, hahaa!

During Nancie's baptism in church just now, it reminded me mine. As we worshipped and prayed for her, I felt His presence there. Such wonderful moment to experience His love. I'm sure He will hold her close in His arms always, shower more blessing and love on her more and more each day. "I'm really happy for you, Nancie" =)

Also, thanks to Elie dai ga jie's camera, I get to snap snap away the whole night. At first, I was a bit confused of the function coz it's pretty canggih to me, hahaa! I know my dad has one many years ago, but I have never acquired the skill. Later on, I find it actually quite user friendly. And there goes, happily snapping away... I hope the photos turned out well =P

Yeap. End of my stories of the day.
I was confused, anxious, then busy and in the end cheered up! How complicated!

Need to catch some sleep now, tomorrow morning is my last presentation for my degree course. It's going to be another exciting day. I'm counting on You!

Thursday, 27 August 2009


It's that feeling again.

Yes. I really hate to admit but it's undeniable. Each time I'm reaching the edge, I would need to be prepared to face it with more courage.

Every transition in my life is within the the thin line of not willing to let go of the present and the excitement upon the future.

I love my life. Every single bit of it. May it be tough, sad, happy, crazy, disappointing, ... that's life.

This 3 years of uni life is coming to another fold on the origami before I can see the butterfly.

I'm blessed to have a bunch of wonderful friends
who called me names to show that they know me well

showed me kindly what I can learn from them
coloured my life with their genuine colour pencils

I'm ever thankful to be a uni student
to have the opportunity to open my eyes to a million wonders
taught me the word 'sacrifice' always comes with 'worthy'
also, courage and perseverance to learn new things is the key in the dark

I'm a little anxious of what lies in my future
but I know He holds my future in His hands
so I wait and obey
He knows when I am ready and capable
better than I do
and He always do
isnt He great and wonderful
that's the reason why I cant stop myself from loving Him more and more each day

Friday, 14 August 2009

Price to pay

There is always a price to pay to go home for a weekend.

PRICE: $ A few days of rest to finish assignment early.

But it's ALWAYS worth of paying the price.
And, this motivates me.

Sunday, 9 August 2009

A more powerful weapon

A story between two people.

A: Dont move!
B: What do you want?

A: I have a knife. Dont be rash, give me your money.
B: I have weapon also.

A: Huh? What? What are you gonna do?
B: I have flu, fever, cough... I think I might have H1N1. *cough cough*

B: Sorry, cant help it. I think you are infected.
A: Man! I should have wore my face mask... *fleee*
B: You should have known that I have a more powerful weapon, too bad for you!

This is the side effect of PW assignment!

Saturday, 8 August 2009


We hear 'H1N1' being mentioned almost everyday these days. Scary enough to put me into shiver. Worse than any other virus, says trojan.

I was down with fever a few days ago and was a little worried cause fever is one of the syndromes. Thank God I had a speedy recovery on that day itself after taking much rest.

My course mate was hoping that I can spread the virus in the campus and make the uni close for a week, what a friend! Too bad, I have disappointed you. (You know who you are) Hahaa!

However, that was not the end. Cough came after.

I was so noisy coughing away day and night. Even I, could not stand my own noise. Coughing my lung out. Finally, it is coming to an end today after I brought the chinese herbal drinks.

Let's continue to pray for everyone to have a healthy and strong immune system.

Monday, 3 August 2009


"From your first bite, you'll see why
Pepperidge Farm Soft Baked Chocolate Chunk Cookies are
The BEST Chocolate Chunk Cookies in the World!
Baked with an abundance of big chunks of
rich chocolate and crunchy macademia nuts and chewy caramel.
Also enjoy our Soft Baked Oatmeal Raisin cookies.
So satisfying, so delightful, so scrumptious..."
"One bite and you'll melt!"
Taken from the package.

Anita introduced this cookies into my life.
Giant couldnt resist the temptation to have more...
... and bought this, hahaa!
How scrumptious, yummm!!!
"Every bite is simply a satisfaction!" said Giant, grinning from ear to ear.
"Ju, Giant's waiting for your cookies recipe..."

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Nyonya Colors

Went there with my foodie friends about 3 weeks ago.
Hahaa! I know, I know... It is another 'lapuk' story, yet the best thing is food there wont, isnt great? Hahaa! That's why I love food hunting!

Here, I give you 'Nyonya Colors'!

The main thing that attracted my attention was the stools. How uniquely beautiful designed, brought me back to Melacca, the amazing historical place that I have always love. If only I'm still a kid, I'm sure I'll go hopping around the store a few rounds, then settle down myself after picking my favourite seat, hahaa! My parents taught me well, so I bahaved *grin*

5One of the stool next to mine. Cantik5

The ancient look of the interior and how customers enjoyed their meal with such comfortable ambience.

Anyone would simply drool over such varieties of kuih-muih. Everything was placed so accordingly with so many names that I could never ever remember, but every single one of them look too tempting to be tasted.

As I said earlier, I cant possibly remember the name, so I will just let the pictures roll...

5These, I know. 5
From left: Lapi Coco, Talam Ubi & Angku M. Bean. (According to the receipt)

5Fried noodles with chicken5

5Nasi lemak5 Taste really good, well recommended.

5Ice kacang5

Basically, the food there taste good. We didnt managed to try everything, of course. But for the food we ordered, "Passed with a smile".

The customer service there was good, friendly. Price is simply affordable.

Nyonya Colors
Mid-Valley Gardens
Tel: 603- 7728 2288

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Smile with wrinkle

When I looked back my schedule, I was a little freaked out.

Every week, consistently, all kinds of meetings, die-for-approval-and-move-on-to-the-next-procedure consultations and brains-smashing discussions besides the classes that good-kid-must-attend, the never-never-ending assignments ("Long live the assignments!" joking nia...) and fyp, the additional-'encouraged'-to-be-there-ceremonies, and the current assignment fever news covering in KL.

Thursday these days has become my rest day of the week, instead of Sunday. (I dont like this arrangement, but I enjoyed the rest that I can get on this one day off. ) "Give me back MY Sunday!"

Friday always haunt me the worst, from morning till night even though I have no classes to attend, but I'll definately required to be in campus. For the past 2 weeks, Friday has brought enough wrinkles to my face. Every minute counts, seriously. The worst was last Friday, one discussion and 3 meetings somehow scheduled in one day. One after another...

Some say
"Your final semester only has 2 subjects and FYP, so nice!"

My answer to you
"You have really no idea what is it like. And I dont think you ever wanna be in my shoe, hahahaa!"

Yet, it has been fruitful, yes. Hard work pays off.
Continue to smile, even with wrinkles, hahaa! =)

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Itchy Fingers

I was reminded of what I did during last Saturday lecture.

During the lecture, Mr J accidentally kicked the table where the projector was. So, the projector was slightly off its position.

He didnt bother to adjust the projector but went on to the white board in front and wrote some notes there.

As usual, my response is to adjust the position of the projector since I can do it with one hand without even leaving my seated position.

While I was one hand copying notes from the white board and one hand adjusting the projector, Mr J suddenly turned his head over slowly. He looked slightly shocked as he turned, as if he has seen a ghost. Then his stare stopped on me.

"Er... Opps! What did I do?"

Mr J said he thought the projector moved on its own when he was writing some notes on the white board, just at the edge of the screen where the projector projected the slides. He got shocked when he realised 'it' moves as he was writing.

My hand still paused at the same position as he explained.

I think someone at the back of the class laughed out loud and told me "Hey Irene! You itchy hand la... " and also something like I have frightened Mr J off.

The whole class roared with laughter.


What did Giant do this time?

My good intention has turned out to be some jokes of the day, again. Aiks*
Nevermind, at least you guys and girls stayed awake after the laughter. Cheers =)

Tuesday, 30 June 2009

SS3 Night Market

Night market has become so common in Malaysian lifestyle. The street-long crowded with colourful canopies awesome place is where almost every kind of local food that can be found. Of course, it is filled with more than just food alone.

I love hanging out and visit different night market at different places. That's the place where you will meet me munching food while both hands struggled holding on with tones of food and legs keep moving from stall to stall.

Obviously, the spending can be scary most of the time. That is why I need to have self control 'max once a week night market visit'.

Well, this time thanks to D and CK for taking and hanging out with me at SS3 night market. Although the varieties served were not as great as the one in SS2, but it was fine. The makan session was awesome. I couldnt help myself to swallow more food than I can after the 2 days of diarrhoea suffering hand 'no oily food' diet. Too good to be back with good yummy food.

5 Some kuih-muih which I have no idea what's the name. But it taste so-so only. 66

5Asam Laksa (RM4)6
Quite good.

5Mat Toh Yau (bm version: apa pun ada) Dessert Stall5

5This is the RM4.50 combination6
You can choose either the RM3.50/ RM4.50 dessert.
Somehow I felt the sweet potato doesnt blend well with the taste.

[I was a little too full after that. Hmm... Belasah after the 2 days of torturing, ahhaha! ]

Monday, 22 June 2009

Giant rawr-ed

I was on the bus just now after the long journey from Ipoh.

Not long after I got on the bus, there came 'him' sitting next to me. He smelled horrible. I could immediately tell that he's drunk and probably not mentally conscious of his actions. He even dropped his phone once and was quite uncounscious when he look at things around him.

He sat there, turned to his back and side almost every single minute. I was a little irritated by his movements that time, was hoping to tie him with ropes, so that he wont move anymore.

Then, he became very relax all of a sudden. His sitting posture became slacking and then his knee touches mine even when I tried to avoid by putting my legs at the near corner already. I shooted him with one sentence immediately "Excuse me, YOUR LEG!" with my finger pointing at his leg. Of course, he quickly pulled back his leg and sat properly.

Later on, he continue to look at the back and turn his body to the side and back again and again. I did a few times of "Arghh..." yet he ignored me.

It was when he crossed over my seat, his arm brushed against my arm and touches my bag, I got crossed because it was not that he is fat or has extra fat or what. I stood up very annoyed and wanted to move to the back seat, yet his legs did not move an inch to let me go down to the aisle even when I was standing there telling him "Excuse me, I WANT TO GO OUT!"

Idiot. So I kicked his legs as I walked out rudely from my previous seat. I didn't even bother to see his reaction at all. As I finally settled down the seat behind him, next to a malay young lady. The lady asked me something about his attitude, as she did observed from the back. I told her he's definately drunk and blah blah blah...

He, again turned to his back. Which mean looking me straight right at the face and look at the lady next to me. This time, he seriously made me feel disgusted. Immediately, I turned to that lady and suggest we should shift to another seat available further down the aisle.

Just as I was trying to finish my sentence, his right hand holding on to his phone stretched straight to the seat next to him. Slowly his hand moves towards the lady and almost touches her.


Yes, I scolded. ARGHHHH!!! I was absolutely pissed off. I wanted to scold him more, but there's no point wasting my energy to scold some idiot like him whom I'm not sure whether he understands English at all. He was trying to take advantages of that young lady who tried to avoid him touching her without even making a noise.
I was not aware how loud I sounded. I only realise there some guys seated at the other side stared at us for quite sometimes.

After I exploded, I went to sit further down with the young lady. I was like a bomb. A BOMB!

Giant rawr-ed in public!

To the pathetic idiot, you have messed with the wrong victim, jerk! I will make sure you scream for the next time IF you ever meet me again, not me screaming.

To those guys in the bus who didnt help out and only sat there watching the 'show', "Be a Man!"

To young ladies these days, please stand up for yourself and give these idiot a good lesson whenever necessary.

To myself, no more scolding with 'please' and 'excuse me'.
I really hate scolding people, especially when I keep repeating 'jerk' in my mind on my way home.

"Dear Papa in heaven, thank you for bringing me home safely and gave me the immediate respond before anything bad happen. Thank you for protecting me safe in your arms especially when that fellow might be dangerous (according to my housemate) and I didnt even thought of him for being dangerous. Praise the Lord!"

Monday, 15 June 2009

Frontera Bar & Grill

Frontara Bar and Grill.
Tex-Mex food, also known as the Mexican food in Texas.

The ambience was cosy and very rich with the Mexican colourful interior designs. Customer service is a must given credit to the owner and the waiters there, friendly enough to explain and introduce patiently with their dishes stated on the menu.

I shall let the pictures roll...

Frontera Bar & Grill, Palm Square, Jaya One.

Parts of the interior designs.

Chips n Salsa (RM8.95)

Virgin Colada (RM12.95)

Tequila Sunrise (RM19.95)

Horny Margaritas (RM22.95)

Chicken Ranch Sandwich (RM16.95)

Enchililadas Nortena (RM28.95)

Beef Enchiladas (RM28.95)

Tex Mex Burrito (RM19.95)

Fajita Platters Combo (RM33.95)
-pic above and below-

A toast to our finale for the insanity semester!

The food, to some extend was somehow plain and within the safe zone in terms of taste. My friends and I generally agree that perhaps Mexican food is not really the food that we want to hunt for our challenging appetite.

Personally, I always prefer much explosive and challenging taste dishes, or simple healthy yet filled with the authentic herbs aroma dishes. I think Mexican food is not really my choice in the list, yet it was a great experience altogether, that's undeniable.

If you are a big fan of Mexican food, I suggest you pay a visit to this place.

Frontera Bar & Grill
18-G-2, Block L, Jaya One
No 72A, Jalan Universiti
46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: +603- 7958 8515
Everyday 11am-11 midnight

*Some pictures are courtesy of Megan and Jeannie.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Life or story?

Have you ever wonder why you even bother to have a blog in the first place?

Is it because everyone else has a blog, therefore you choose to have one too?
Or because you just want to share your thoughts with others?
Or you found a space to pour out your emotional anxieties without limit?
Perhaps you simply just love writing?

There are a thousand of reasons why some of us choose to leave some 'alphebets-prints' in the cyberworld.

Have you ever wonder blog actually reflects our lives and how we lived out our lives?

I find that some blogs are so much like autobiography.
Some treat blogs as diaries, jot down daily events and thoughts. In fact, even if we post up an article that we find it interesting which is not a piece of our work, it also reflects our characters through the post because of our choice of reading and preferences.

Of course, the issue of bias reported angle is altogether another discussion. Many of us write down our thoughts from our perpectives, some more factual writings are rather focused more on general perpectives. Yet, that's how we think, obviously there cant be a clear judgment of whose thinking is right and whose wrong. All of us here have equal right to think and write, but it always bound by the heavy responsibility of writing for good.

To me, a piece of good article is always trying to achieve the best out of the readers, makes the readers think and in the end benefits them.

I was thinking what if in another 50 years to come, some of our blogs actually turned into a book. A book that equivalent to our understanding of 'autobiography' now. Hahaha....

I think my readers will think I'm some mad or insane fellow, ahhaaa!

Anyway, my point is IF you know that your blog will be turned into an autobiography for the next generation to come, people will read your writing and create an image of you based on what you have written, "Is that how you want others to think who you are through your style and language used in your writing?"

It is very subjective whether people will interprete the text the way you wish they would, as we are now all trained to think critically before digesting any idea. Alright, perhaps not all of us, but at least this is what the world is moving towards. I hope.

If, I'm saying IF your blog is definitely going to be printed into a book, will you try to change the way you report what occured in your life? Perhaps even omit some characters or events in your life? Or even more serious, add in elements or characters into 'your life' and change the entire ending?

It is already an extremely tough job for a journalist to report a news without bias. What about us towards our own blog?

Somehow it just kept me thinking whether is our blog really our lives or just our created story, ahhaa...

I hope I didnt make your day a miserable one after reading this post, do feel free to comment, I would love to hear your thoughts.

Have a great day ahead! =)


You know how to differentiate 'insane' and 'awesome'?

Insane is when you use water heater in this mad weather.

Awesome is when you take cold shower 2am in the morning.

I'm going nutz soon... let there be snow, please!

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Mong Cha Cha

I was at Seoul Garden the other day with my house mates. After the super-filling-licious meal, the waiter was suppose to bring out the birthday cake to our table to surprise my friends.

What happened was something that we did not expected.

I went to the waiter and gave him the signal to light the candles and bring the cake out when we were almost done with our lunch.

He nodded with a broad smile hanging on his face.

He did.

He brought the cake out.

Complete and untouch.

... and still perfectly IN the box.

Together with the lighter placed at the side of the box.

I was literally staring at him for one second and I bursted out laughing with my another house mate.


All I managed to do was to thank him for taking my words too innocently.

Hmm... maybe he is still new in this kind of task, I dont blame him of course.
I dont think he know why I laughed, coz he still smile so innocently after that. LOL

Anyway, I hope the three of you enjoyed the meal and the birthday celebration. =)

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Last uni sem break

If I were to sum up my whole semester break, a word is powerful enough to describe it- Great!

The Sutanium Day
My holiday began with ice skating in conjuction to celebrate a friend's birthday right after the last exam paper . First time ice skating was really scary. Imagine the first time you learn how to take control of a bicycle, learn to depends on the only two wheels that touches the ground with faith. The first five minutes was monstrous. haha! Thanks to my two 'sifu' who generously spared their fun time to teach me patiently by my sides and I managed to stand and skate a little without any support. Yeah!

The dinner was absolutely great. The conversations and laughters were good. I laughed so much, especially when we shared our public bus experiences. Hilarious! Oh, not to forget that MayShing actually 'eats' (for those who know her, you should know what I mean here =P )

Family, Relatives & Friends
Spending time with family, relatives and friends was very good. Get to know them better through common chats, over a meal, casual hang out, visitation and etc.

Us, the crazy six were after the same drama, again due to someone's interest, sat at the common comfortable place talking some nonsence, laughed over some idiot jokes, shared our experiences, I always love and treasure those moments although sometimes our conversations can be super super crappy, hehe! 'It' runs in the family =P

Healthy Lifestyle
Due to some extra and unwanted weight I gained 2 days after my arrival at home, I went on a quite consistent exercise basis for only a week. LOL! I felt healthier of course, at least that's how my brain took the efforts into account =)

Badminton Phobia
I had a badminton session with my friends. Good in the sense when I get to move around and kick out some fats; bad when I got bullied by my team mates. They were so happy everytime they managed to fly the shuttlecock and land on the mong cha cha player- me. Fun, yes.

Planning Retreat
Never in my life discussions can be so interesting and intense. Still, I'm absolutely loving it. I have always been hoping that we could discuss those issues to the extend where we can have a clearer view of where we are heading and a more concrete measurement. Finally! Praise Him!
I do miss those moments. Thanks to everyone who made it there and kept us in prayer.

O yes, not to forget I learnt how to play a little majong there, hehe!

Speaking of semester break, that, was the last uni sem break for me and my course mates. It also indicates the end is drawing near, another new beginning is about to start. Changes occurs all the time, I know. Yet, I think I engaged too much emotions and enjoyed every moment of my life so much that I did not realise. I will definitely miss these three years of uni life as a student.

When the next transition arrives, let us all begin another fresh new chapter and ask God for wisdom and be our guidance, as always. =)

By the way, try this 'sharp butt tomato' (I dont know the name, hehe!), it taste explosively delicious.
I'm so gonna hunt it again, swallow tonnes of it and cheer my messy mood up.

Monday, 18 May 2009

Good health

I have been in and out the hospitals for the past 2 years.
It's such a pity to observe a few things that happened, yet learnt some lessons.

Just thought of sharing what I realised through the conversation with my mom.

"We trade our health for wealth during our youth,
then trade our wealth for health when we are old."

How pathetic.

Just a little reminder here to all my friends: If you want to live and enjoy life to the fullest, do not neglect your health =)

Need to clarify my first statement:
I am perfectly well here, no worries. The reason why I said 'I have been in and out the hopitals' is that I went visitations of people that I know who admitted to the hospitals, not due to my health medical visitiation or what-so-ever. Sorry for giving the wrong idea there. =P My bad.

Saturday, 2 May 2009

The Tangle-able

Did this some years back.
I miss doing art work...
what about you?

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Sneaky fellow

How could you?
Sneak into the kitchen and steal.

Once more I see you,

You orange white furry sneaky fellow

Cant you read?
'Alpo' is a dog food brand
Not for you obviously

Even if you cant read
There's a dog image HUGE enough to differentiate
Dont try to convince me you look like dog

Once more you appear
I will make sure you will get
April cold shower

You idiot CAT
Stole Mikko's food

Thursday, 16 April 2009

The Final Point

The 14 monstrous weeks of intense assignments marathon is finally coming to an end... another 3 days to go!! But assignments are FINALLY all done =) Obviously, I'm saying this because I have just completed the last assignment!

I tell you la, I have never ever never ever felt so tense in my whole life. NEVER!!

My mind was spinning too fast at times...
then, observed a few little things I do when I needed escape.
"Wow! Did I just use 'escape'? Fuh... sounds like poet, hahaa..."

1. Blast music with my headphone is GREAT!!
2. Sing along loudly is even BETTER!!
3. Dance with the rhythm makes me melt, hahaa....
4. Facebook-checking out pictures and comments make me laugh...
5. MSN-disturb friends =P
6. Spider card game.
7. Ice cream session.
8. Jason Mraz.
9. Laugh at some silly videos.
10. Call my sis 'pig'
11. Gobble anything I can reach within seated position area.
12. Rubik's cube.
13. Check email account again and again and again...
14. Superchick. *check out their songs, awesome!*
15. Continue with my new found hobby with Jeannie, "Hunt for Scholarship!"
16. Picture the image of sushi buffet with...

Too many, maybe you would like to continue...

Yawning now, going to land on my cold bed after 3 days without touching it. Again.

Sunday, 12 April 2009

No more fever please

I was down with fever yesterday. It was terrible.

I knew it would hit me when I sensed a button in my immune system was turned off when I was about to reach home on Friday night. Felt weak mentally and physically all of a sudden. Immediately went to bed to rest after checking and replying emails.

The next day I woke up, a very bad headache hit me. Not only did I do nothing, I slept for the whole day. Absolutely in coma on and off for more than 30 hours in around 36 hours straight down. Never have I ever felt so weak till the extend of could not even stand for 10 minutes to get something done. Too tired physically and mentally to do anything.

The weather was not exactly a good help to make me feel any better, either it was too hot or it was too cold. I dont know, maybe I was no longer in good condition to feel the actual temperature.

What a waste of time resting for so long to recover...

Then only I realise how much a patience have to bear and suffer in bed to recover from their pain and sickness...

Praise the Lord for healing me and I can continue to do my work today. =)

I was insanely hungry coz I only had two BIG tomatoes and some cereal yesterday. It's always good to be back with my appetite.

Please no more fever or what-so-ever-sickness. I have no time to waste...

Dear friends who are rushing assignments and final year project, take good care and dont fall sick. Drink more water, eat healthily and take enough daily rest.

Till then, God bless you =)

Saturday, 4 April 2009

365 days No Fast Food Record

This is another long gone post =P

15 January 2008 - 15 January 2009
My No Fast Food Record for A Year

Honestly, the process was tough.
For how many times did you see me sitting there in front of the a full table filled with pizzas and yet did not touch any of those? I cant believe I managed to hold my hands back from those tempting mouth drooling food.

For friends who were constantly reminded that I was trying to set a personal record and not bring me to fast food restaurant, I thank you. You all were very understanding, though I might sound silly at times.

Well then, wanna know my current diet?

After the fast food 'opening ceremony' for my stomach on the 15 January in Wendy's, I'm controlling myself for maximum only one fast food meal in a week the most.

It is super tempting at times, especially when you were unconsciously reminded that the RM6.99 promotion in Wendy's and RM5.95 promotion in McD are going on now... *arghh...*

My friends were complaining my unhealthy diet lately.
"Can you for once stop drooling over the Double Cheeseburger!!"
"Sorry, I simply cant help it! It is written all over, the newspaper, the McD RM5.95 truck that passes by me, the McD delivery motorcyclist, ... it's really not my fault, hehee..."

No worries, I'm fully in control of my diet, no worries... no worries... =)

Friday, 3 April 2009

Get Up

Thank you Phoebe for this 2 songs =)

Get Up by SuperChick
Me Against The World by SuperChick
They have sing it out for me, how wonderful.
I will GET UP when I fall, even for a thousand times!

Sunday, 29 March 2009

New Zealand Natural

My Fattening March

Boysenberry Dream & Mint Choc Kisses

Chocolate Ecstasy & Fruits of the Forest

Lemon Lime and Passionfruit Sorbet

Choc Fudge Brownie
Junior Scoop RM6.90

Left: Regular tub RM24.90 Middle and Right: Large tub RM46.90

You do the calculation.

Total: RM128.16 (included tax)

BUT... thanks to Jensen for the cash vouchers, the Junior scoop was FREE & Regular tub is FREE also, hahaa.... Thanks Jensen!!

And the bill in the end was RM53.80, isnt it cool?

The customer service there is really good and the place is cool. =) I bet the workers there were wondering where did i get all those vouchers, hahaa...

New Zealand Natural http://www.nzn.com.my/

*Oya! U wanna eat ice cream? Come to our Utar CF PJ Easter Celebration on 8th April 3.30-5.30pm in PC block!

Jensen gets food cash vouchers through marathon, ireneC gets fatter with free food cash voucher from him, is it good? Hahaha... Nevermind, at least I'm happy =P

Saturday, 28 March 2009


友: 那天我遇见一个个子有至少190高度的帅哥。他五官出众,皮肤白里透红,帅气十足。他拥有非常丰润的双唇,让人觉得有一股想强吻他的感觉。

我: 哈哈哈!你很离谱呢!我想在这他会被强吻得机会是很低的。


Thursday, 26 March 2009

Freak out

I screamed.
I cant recall what happened exactly.
I know I had a bad dream this morning.
A very bad dream.
It was either I was really furious or anxious.
I just cant remember now.
I apologize for giving a shock to my dear room mates.
I really dont know what caused me to scream.
Yet, I think it was really funny.
I freak out, I guess.

Wednesday, 25 March 2009


I was LICKED!!!
My friends and I went to a friend's place to hang out. We were warned that there's a dog belongs to the housemate when we arrived, but it does not bite. I was feeling quite excited, mainly it is because I love dogs and only cute dogs, hahaa... (yes, i'm bias, i know!)
When we reach upstair, the dog was carried and showed us. My first impression was "What an adorable dog, wish I could have one too..." *Shh!! Dun tell Mikko!*
Toby is its name.

Toby was hugged by so many people and was under the spotlight for the whole time although the initial intention of the hang out was 'majong', haha...

Toby is such adorable and tame. It wont bark or jump or run everywhere. Whenever someone hold it, it will remain calm and play along.

Well, when you see such cute doggie, how could you resist the photo shooting, right?

While I was holding the fellow close under my chin, just before my friend was able to take a shot of me and Toby, this fellow turned its head up and licked my face all over generously. =,=" I was licked all over again and again... I know, it likes me, hahaa!

Even though my friend gave me a green light to slap it when it chewed my hands and fingers, I could hardly slap it with any energy at all. Too adorable to slap, but I did warn it not to do so though.

Anyhow, it was great to hug such a tiny cute doggie in the arms once again... Yes, I do miss Mikko when he was still in the tiny size when I can hold him up and hug it in my arms. The Mikko now is simply too hugh for me to carry at all, the size of his waist is even bigger than mine, haha...

Look at him, isnt he cute?