Tuesday, 30 June 2009

SS3 Night Market

Night market has become so common in Malaysian lifestyle. The street-long crowded with colourful canopies awesome place is where almost every kind of local food that can be found. Of course, it is filled with more than just food alone.

I love hanging out and visit different night market at different places. That's the place where you will meet me munching food while both hands struggled holding on with tones of food and legs keep moving from stall to stall.

Obviously, the spending can be scary most of the time. That is why I need to have self control 'max once a week night market visit'.

Well, this time thanks to D and CK for taking and hanging out with me at SS3 night market. Although the varieties served were not as great as the one in SS2, but it was fine. The makan session was awesome. I couldnt help myself to swallow more food than I can after the 2 days of diarrhoea suffering hand 'no oily food' diet. Too good to be back with good yummy food.

5 Some kuih-muih which I have no idea what's the name. But it taste so-so only. 66

5Asam Laksa (RM4)6
Quite good.

5Mat Toh Yau (bm version: apa pun ada) Dessert Stall5

5This is the RM4.50 combination6
You can choose either the RM3.50/ RM4.50 dessert.
Somehow I felt the sweet potato doesnt blend well with the taste.

[I was a little too full after that. Hmm... Belasah after the 2 days of torturing, ahhaha! ]


jiN said...

eat eat eat, always saw you eat, non-stop! got such taste good food also din't tell me! :( Bad Irene )
Don't want friend with you already!!!
Haha :p

~*Heart whisperer*~ said...

wow! irene, the food look so nice!!
ss3? where is it?? I want to go too! hahaa.. :P

ireneC said...

Jin, hahaa! Next time, we go hunt food together ya? Don't merajuk, hahaha!

Lynda, yea it's SS3. I think I would prefer to go Taman Connaught, Cheras =) Someone, please let me tag along!! hahaa!