Monday, 22 June 2009

Giant rawr-ed

I was on the bus just now after the long journey from Ipoh.

Not long after I got on the bus, there came 'him' sitting next to me. He smelled horrible. I could immediately tell that he's drunk and probably not mentally conscious of his actions. He even dropped his phone once and was quite uncounscious when he look at things around him.

He sat there, turned to his back and side almost every single minute. I was a little irritated by his movements that time, was hoping to tie him with ropes, so that he wont move anymore.

Then, he became very relax all of a sudden. His sitting posture became slacking and then his knee touches mine even when I tried to avoid by putting my legs at the near corner already. I shooted him with one sentence immediately "Excuse me, YOUR LEG!" with my finger pointing at his leg. Of course, he quickly pulled back his leg and sat properly.

Later on, he continue to look at the back and turn his body to the side and back again and again. I did a few times of "Arghh..." yet he ignored me.

It was when he crossed over my seat, his arm brushed against my arm and touches my bag, I got crossed because it was not that he is fat or has extra fat or what. I stood up very annoyed and wanted to move to the back seat, yet his legs did not move an inch to let me go down to the aisle even when I was standing there telling him "Excuse me, I WANT TO GO OUT!"

Idiot. So I kicked his legs as I walked out rudely from my previous seat. I didn't even bother to see his reaction at all. As I finally settled down the seat behind him, next to a malay young lady. The lady asked me something about his attitude, as she did observed from the back. I told her he's definately drunk and blah blah blah...

He, again turned to his back. Which mean looking me straight right at the face and look at the lady next to me. This time, he seriously made me feel disgusted. Immediately, I turned to that lady and suggest we should shift to another seat available further down the aisle.

Just as I was trying to finish my sentence, his right hand holding on to his phone stretched straight to the seat next to him. Slowly his hand moves towards the lady and almost touches her.


Yes, I scolded. ARGHHHH!!! I was absolutely pissed off. I wanted to scold him more, but there's no point wasting my energy to scold some idiot like him whom I'm not sure whether he understands English at all. He was trying to take advantages of that young lady who tried to avoid him touching her without even making a noise.
I was not aware how loud I sounded. I only realise there some guys seated at the other side stared at us for quite sometimes.

After I exploded, I went to sit further down with the young lady. I was like a bomb. A BOMB!

Giant rawr-ed in public!

To the pathetic idiot, you have messed with the wrong victim, jerk! I will make sure you scream for the next time IF you ever meet me again, not me screaming.

To those guys in the bus who didnt help out and only sat there watching the 'show', "Be a Man!"

To young ladies these days, please stand up for yourself and give these idiot a good lesson whenever necessary.

To myself, no more scolding with 'please' and 'excuse me'.
I really hate scolding people, especially when I keep repeating 'jerk' in my mind on my way home.

"Dear Papa in heaven, thank you for bringing me home safely and gave me the immediate respond before anything bad happen. Thank you for protecting me safe in your arms especially when that fellow might be dangerous (according to my housemate) and I didnt even thought of him for being dangerous. Praise the Lord!"


Mc Chaoz said...

Tegur sekali dua cukup lah.Im suprised that you could be calm even in that situation. Anyway, what u did was ok lah. I believe that you are luckly that he didnt try anything else. There are alot of these kind of people, maniacs who tend to take advantage but I think you should have told the bus driver abt his attitude but anyway what you did was on and the bottom line is than you are ok.

° MS ° said...

both of us bumped into ''siu yan'' yesterday..hhaha

ViViEnNe said...

yes im totally with u giant, yes giant rawred! =D praise the lord indeed! (pray every single day =p)

Anonymous said...

Irene...well done!!!'u r my superwomen'...haha~够勇~我喜欢~

ireneC said...

Sharwin. Calm? haha.. I was furious inside. Yea, one thing I forgot during the incident was to take extra careful note of the situation and 'him', was too focus in preparing in scolding, hahaa! Anyway, thanks for the comment.

Mei Sim. We both did rawr-ed on the same day, hahaa... What a day for us.

Vivien. Yea.. Giant rawr-ed. Spoilt my public reputation, lol.

Stella. LOL! 'Superwomen'? Thank you thank you... And, I'm sure u can do better than me =P