Saturday, 6 June 2009

Mong Cha Cha

I was at Seoul Garden the other day with my house mates. After the super-filling-licious meal, the waiter was suppose to bring out the birthday cake to our table to surprise my friends.

What happened was something that we did not expected.

I went to the waiter and gave him the signal to light the candles and bring the cake out when we were almost done with our lunch.

He nodded with a broad smile hanging on his face.

He did.

He brought the cake out.

Complete and untouch.

... and still perfectly IN the box.

Together with the lighter placed at the side of the box.

I was literally staring at him for one second and I bursted out laughing with my another house mate.


All I managed to do was to thank him for taking my words too innocently.

Hmm... maybe he is still new in this kind of task, I dont blame him of course.
I dont think he know why I laughed, coz he still smile so innocently after that. LOL

Anyway, I hope the three of you enjoyed the meal and the birthday celebration. =)


~*Heart whisperer*~ said...

haha.. this is funny :D
Hopefully he will be more experienced next time.. lol

ireneC said...

Hahaa... Yeap! Hope he did learn to be more sensitive. =)