Thursday, 26 February 2009

Phohoa in Tropicana City Mall

The following and coming food reviews that I'll be updating might be a little outdated. I apologize for ignoring this blog for almost 2 months. Hopefully the coming schedule allow me to have enough daily rest, am really looking forward =)
*I am a little too anxious at this late hour due to the Friday Persuasive Speech, can hardly sleep.*

I went to a Vietnamese restaurant in Tropicana City Mall near Section 17 with church friends last month - Phohoa.

A friendly and gentle environment with the delicate Vietnamese decoration, Vietnamese paintings are hanging all over. In fact, I think the paintings are pretty interesting. Check it out when you are there.
I ordered a Vermicelli Bowl of Bun Tom Ga Nuong. (no idea how to pronunce, sorry)
A friend told me that Vietnam is very famous with their coffee and bali drinks. Maybe you can try it when you have a chance to pay a visit there. =)

This is my dish! Absolutely delicious and most suitable for diners who are looking for a healthy diet dinner. Filling enough and able to satisfiy tummy that hunger for fresh crunchy nutrient-balanced meal.

For more information, check out here:

Overall: 7/10

Monday, 9 February 2009


Have you done your devotion today?

The message preached by Pastor Dr Wayne Cordeiro on Encountering God's Tranforming Word Daily was really awesome! Thank God for the message!

A few things he mentioned was simply inspiring.
1. Learning other's mistake not only save a lot of our time for not repeating the same mistake, also to gain wisdom. You will never know till you experience it. Learning other's mistake could save up your 10 years time for committing it.

There's one book to look up to... where else? B-I-B-L-E!!! There are more than enough examples for us to learn and be prepared when the time is here!

Reading Bible doesnt use our time, instead SAVE us time!

2. Musicians practice their scales everyday.
If a musician did not practice for one day, during the performance/concert, he will know.
If he/she did not practice for 2 days, the conductor will know.
If he/she did not practice for 3 days, the world will know.

What about us as Christians? Are we practicing our 'scales' daily?

3. Develop our devotion time a habit. Do it at our best time. He deserves our best!

4. Now then, bring 5 things with you for devotion time.
Bible, pen, reading plan, journal and SOAP!
[Scripture, Observation, Application, Prayer]

HUNGRY for God's Words? Feed yourself!