Thursday, 26 February 2009

Phohoa in Tropicana City Mall

The following and coming food reviews that I'll be updating might be a little outdated. I apologize for ignoring this blog for almost 2 months. Hopefully the coming schedule allow me to have enough daily rest, am really looking forward =)
*I am a little too anxious at this late hour due to the Friday Persuasive Speech, can hardly sleep.*

I went to a Vietnamese restaurant in Tropicana City Mall near Section 17 with church friends last month - Phohoa.

A friendly and gentle environment with the delicate Vietnamese decoration, Vietnamese paintings are hanging all over. In fact, I think the paintings are pretty interesting. Check it out when you are there.
I ordered a Vermicelli Bowl of Bun Tom Ga Nuong. (no idea how to pronunce, sorry)
A friend told me that Vietnam is very famous with their coffee and bali drinks. Maybe you can try it when you have a chance to pay a visit there. =)

This is my dish! Absolutely delicious and most suitable for diners who are looking for a healthy diet dinner. Filling enough and able to satisfiy tummy that hunger for fresh crunchy nutrient-balanced meal.

For more information, check out here:

Overall: 7/10

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