Friday, 26 September 2008

Z014: Kissaten

Featuring a cafe in Jaya One this time. A great experience with the wonderful friendly service from the bos and the waiters there. From introducing the varieties of dishes to asking feedbacks from the customers. This is what a good cafe/restaurant should do in order to improve the quality of food and services provided.

I read it from somwhere, Kissaten means a type of Japanese coffee house.
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Their lovely well organised menu.

Part of the cafe. Simple and comfortable.

Ice Honey Lemon (RM5.90)

Miso Tonkotsu Ramen (RM16.90)

Some of the dishes we ordered. =)

Cheese cake. A surprise birthday celebration for a friend. =)

Banana Cheese Cake (free) Thanks Kissaten!

Perhaps I wouldn't say all the dishes are super awesome, but credit must be given to the wonderful customer service. One thing about the cakes- cheese cake is not cheesy enough for me and my friends, I always felt that the taste of cheese should taste more than the flour instaed. What do you think?

Overall: 6.5/10
*will edit the names when i get back pj. sorry!

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Cuckoo Celebration

Another year looking up at the same moon, thinking of the years spent together happily celebrating Mooncake Festival. How lovely!


Celebrating Mooncake Festival here is not that bad after all. We had mooncakes, biscuits, candles, torch lights and no lanterns, haha... Initially, we were playing the candles by making those candles stand in some odd shapes and chinese words. Later, someone saw a group of people celebrating at the roof of a car park building somewhere nearby (note: the red circled picture below). Then, trying very hard to grab attention from them by flashing torch lights and 'ying guang bang' just wanted to say "HELLLOO poeple at the other side of the hilltop!!!" *sweat* Anyway, no idea whether they actually realised our cuckoo greetings from the other building. We only saw twice they flashed red light. Heehee...

That day's celebration was not enough to wear off our energy. Once again, gathered some 'forces' to play a super duper tiring game the next day. We lit candles at the balcony, one by one blow off the candles in sequence using the thin straw. Whoever fails to blow off the particular candle will have to finish one of the almost-due-date-biscuits-stock belong to 'someone'. Mind you, it is not easy at all especially when we put the candles further than the first round (note: first round-left pic; second round-right pic). A few times, I nearly ran out of breath trying to blow off the furthest candle. Haahaa...

Well, that was how I celebrated this year Mooncake Festival. Had too much of mooncakes since 2 weeks ago during study week. BRruuupP!! Thanks pals, for willing go mad with me with some cuckoo games, haha... Not bad at all =)

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

The Only Princess

Finally! A chance to experience 'the only princess' at home... nyeh nyeh nyeh....

My dear brother and sisters, if you happened to read this post, please do not be jealous, your time will come. *wink*

Went home during the study week. So happened that my DEAR younger siblings went for a trip together on the second day I reached home, also my elder sibling was not around. *BRrooaaAD GRIN* Of course, left di mi me and mikko at home!!!

I have not been spending time alone with my parents for a long time. During the period of time, not only I got all the attention I want *GRIN AGAIN*, basically I follow them everywhere they go and joined every single moment together. I even get to choose what I want to eat and I get to finish all the food in the end... MUAHAHA!!! It was altogether lovely! LOVELY!!! **HUG DI & MI**

We had breakfast, lunch, tea time, dinner and supper together.
We watched movie together.
We went to visit my grands together.
We chatted and laughed together.
We went shopping together.
We cleaned the house together......
(Just me and my parents)

Obviously I dont mean that it's less fun to spend time with my siblings together with my parents. But the feeling was kind of different. Maybe I was just being a little greedy and nasty. I dont know, perhaps I just missed them too much!!

I have always enjoy the time where my family members are finally gathered at home. I treasured those moments, seriously! Somehow it is getting harder to gather everyone at home these lately. Different schedule, different holidays, different responsibilties... even though the distant between us become shorter compared to the previous one. One of the reason why I always longed for Christmas and Chinese New Year.

Anyway, being the only princess at home for 3 days 2 nights was fun! =P

Sunday, 7 September 2008


It has been raining everyday in PJ. I was trapped in rain almost every time I go out =,=". Even my house mates laughed at me, "Wei! Every time I go out with you, definately it will rain! Yer..." Haha... Today is the worst. Went out in the morning and came back almost all soaked. Then later in the evening, went out for dinner again, came back soaked AGAIN!!

It ended up with: more clothes to wash, shoes never seems to have a dry day to survive, clothes can hardly dry, feeling colder every night, BUT still wont stop me from going out, haha...

When we were on the way back this evening, 9 of us under 5 umbrellas... Had fun in the rain. At the begining, we were walking in a line. Someone cut queue all of a sudden. Then we followed. Haih! Typical 'kia su', haha...

"Woi! Bmmp... Move to the left la... so slow!!"
"Ikut kiri jika tidak memotong.."
"Wei! Cut queue..."
"Mat rempet... mat rempet... VrrrooommmmMM!!!"

Despite of the heavy rain, we literary 'raced' back to our place. *Sweat!!* It was really fast, gila!! Hahaha.... I just couldn't stop myself from kacau-ing the 'other racers' on the road by making the sound "VRrromm VrrromM!!" haha...

Sometimes, it is really good to have crazy fun once in a while. Welcome to my world!

Z013: First Mapo Restaurant

Two years ago, I felt in love with this food. However, this stall moved to another place due to the super good business. From then onward, I lost track of the stall... was really sad about it...

Just a few days ago, I found the shop. *nyeh nyeh nyeh* Call me silly or blur, haha... Actually it was at the same row but further down towards the other end, haha... *ahem* ANYWAY! Found it and was overjoyed!

A sense of familiarity and longing once I step into the restaurant. Imagine, they once rend a small corner stall in a coffee shop, now with the full ownership under this Mapo Restaurant. How cool! Just imagine how good is the business!

Mapo Restaurant is located right behind Jusco Ipoh and behind Tesco. The same row of shop lots where 1919 is the corner shop. Just a few shops away from 1919. Note: Every Tuesday is closed.

They used to serve only personal set/family set where you order the main dish, which is the type of chicken/fish/meat cooked and it will be served with rice and vege. Now, they have more varieties.

Chicken: Chicken Nestum (superb!), Lemon/ Mango/ Nyonya/ Butter/ Clay Pots/ Sour Sweet/ Lotus/ Thai Style...
Fish: Ginger Garlic/ Black Pepper/ Nyonya/ Sour Sweet/ Pineapple...
Soup: Pickle/ Seaweed/ Ginger Egg/ Fish...
Tofu: Sizzling/ Clay Pots/ Vietnamese/ Seafood...
Ribs, Vege, Prawns, Squid, Deer, Egg and Fried Rice/Mee...

One of the very famous dish: Chicken Nestum!! (a must try!)

Tom Yam soup... it was a little too thick. And my friends complaint the soup was a little too spicy, hmm...
Mango Chicken. Sour and sweet... yumm... It's all about the mango for sure!

Belacan Vegetable =)

Jared wanted to order more at first. Thanks to the boss, she stopped him from ordering more, haha... Asked us to order later if we can finish everything, don't waste food!! If not, me, Carol, Nic and Jared would have suffer, haha... Note: BIG portion!

Price is really reasonable. Personal set is from RM4-6. Others would have to depends. Personal set used to come with rice and vege, but now only the main dish and rice. Well, what can I say? But one thing for sure, the quality is still good, yep!

I was kind of surprised that the boss actually recognised me, haha... "Ei! You used to work in Levi's right?" *fuh! Ganas!* Salute her! Bear in mind, I have seen her for 2 years!!

Overall: 7.5/10