Tuesday, 9 September 2008

The Only Princess

Finally! A chance to experience 'the only princess' at home... nyeh nyeh nyeh....

My dear brother and sisters, if you happened to read this post, please do not be jealous, your time will come. *wink*

Went home during the study week. So happened that my DEAR younger siblings went for a trip together on the second day I reached home, also my elder sibling was not around. *BRrooaaAD GRIN* Of course, left di mi me and mikko at home!!!

I have not been spending time alone with my parents for a long time. During the period of time, not only I got all the attention I want *GRIN AGAIN*, basically I follow them everywhere they go and joined every single moment together. I even get to choose what I want to eat and I get to finish all the food in the end... MUAHAHA!!! It was altogether lovely! LOVELY!!! **HUG DI & MI**

We had breakfast, lunch, tea time, dinner and supper together.
We watched movie together.
We went to visit my grands together.
We chatted and laughed together.
We went shopping together.
We cleaned the house together......
(Just me and my parents)

Obviously I dont mean that it's less fun to spend time with my siblings together with my parents. But the feeling was kind of different. Maybe I was just being a little greedy and nasty. I dont know, perhaps I just missed them too much!!

I have always enjoy the time where my family members are finally gathered at home. I treasured those moments, seriously! Somehow it is getting harder to gather everyone at home these lately. Different schedule, different holidays, different responsibilties... even though the distant between us become shorter compared to the previous one. One of the reason why I always longed for Christmas and Chinese New Year.

Anyway, being the only princess at home for 3 days 2 nights was fun! =P

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