Sunday, 7 September 2008


It has been raining everyday in PJ. I was trapped in rain almost every time I go out =,=". Even my house mates laughed at me, "Wei! Every time I go out with you, definately it will rain! Yer..." Haha... Today is the worst. Went out in the morning and came back almost all soaked. Then later in the evening, went out for dinner again, came back soaked AGAIN!!

It ended up with: more clothes to wash, shoes never seems to have a dry day to survive, clothes can hardly dry, feeling colder every night, BUT still wont stop me from going out, haha...

When we were on the way back this evening, 9 of us under 5 umbrellas... Had fun in the rain. At the begining, we were walking in a line. Someone cut queue all of a sudden. Then we followed. Haih! Typical 'kia su', haha...

"Woi! Bmmp... Move to the left la... so slow!!"
"Ikut kiri jika tidak memotong.."
"Wei! Cut queue..."
"Mat rempet... mat rempet... VrrrooommmmMM!!!"

Despite of the heavy rain, we literary 'raced' back to our place. *Sweat!!* It was really fast, gila!! Hahaha.... I just couldn't stop myself from kacau-ing the 'other racers' on the road by making the sound "VRrromm VrrromM!!" haha...

Sometimes, it is really good to have crazy fun once in a while. Welcome to my world!

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