Saturday, 23 August 2008

Lost a friend

A very tough week. So many things waited in line beeping, assignment, presentation, responsible... Assignment has finally come to an end. Still have one more presentation to go, but I am prepared.

An unexpected incident make it even tough to handle. It was on Tuesday, we received the news that Gideon passed away. It hurts a lot. Everyone was shocked with the very sudden news. A gloomy day for everyone who knows him.

I have lost family members and friends whom I'm close to. All of them needed health treatment before they went back to the Lord. I understand. However, this time was not the same.

Never in my life have I attended a funeral wake. Went there with some of the CF members on Wednesday. Some CF members from other campus and CG members were there also. Everyone was in grief. His family members were weeping in grief. Just so hard to accept the fact that he left us. The atmosphere was more than just sadness and heart breaking.

Though I'm not very close to him, but he is a very helpful person. He doesn't mind fetching people here and there. He would tell people frankly to what extend he can offer his help. He won't promise others things that he cannot do it. He was more introvert when I first knew him through CF last year. Ever since the new committee formed, he tried to make it to every week's fellowship and even make newcomers feel comfortable when they first step into CF.

He is back with the Lord now. A better place.

This incident actually triggered off what I've learnt during last year CF camp. I should start writing eulogy for my own funeral. Why? Those who went to the camp would understand perfectly why I said so. That would be my both short & long term goals. At the end of the day, I will leave this temporary world and this is a fact that cannot be changed. I want to be become the 'person' God would please with. The purpose of my life is to live it out for Him.

No one is perfect in this world. We try our best to improve ourselves and break the limit. Always encourage each other, not being a hypocrite.

Be sensitive with the people around us. Treasure them always. *HUGS*

Keep shining for Him while we are still here. Have joy in doing His job! Sing praises and be thankful, may it be happy or tough... We still praise Him!!!

Friday, 15 August 2008


Almost everyone in this Asian region knows this fruit- The King of Fruit.

What do I know about Durian?

1. A very famous fruit madly deeply loved by many Malaysians. And of course, I am one of them.

2. Comes in different sizes (small-huge), thorny husk and unique odour.

3. Some detest the strong odour and taste. Places such as hotel, airport, ... forbid the present of this fruit due to it smell. We can simply recognise the unique odour from far.

4. How to open it? Some use screwdriver, 'parang', bare hand, saw? (haha!!) Seriously, I have seen people using saw to open it. Totally hilarious!

5. How to eat it? Take it and eat it la! *sweat* hahaa... I love to have durian and rice with a pinch of salt, yummm!!!

6. There are people who believe it is best to eat mangosteen or drink water with a pinch of salt using the empty cell of the durian husk after eating durian.

The above picture was taken during the small durian feast I had with my housemates recently. There was this particular weird shaped durian gave us the 'great time' to hold 'opening ceremony'. After several attempts, we took out our last weapon-knife, and *haiya* it. That was the result of the 'ganas' solution, haha... Nice try, my friends!

Do you like it? I LOVE DURIAN!!! YEAH!!!

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Z012: Za Ziang Mian

I have been craving for good 'Za Ziang Mian' (Fried Sauce Noodle) for sometimes. Dreaming of gobble down a BIG bowl of thin noodles with the thick sauce minced. Stir everything together and stuff myself with a mouth full of the super tasty Za Ziang Mian. Woohoo...

This Taiwan Noodles House is located at SS2, next to The Cave. They serve lots of other noodles other than Za Ziang Mian. Price from RM5 onward.

This is a plate of my crave- Za Ziang Mian. To be honest, I was quite disappointed when it was served. First, it was the noodles-too thick. Second, why is it served on a plate? I love to have it in a bowl where you can stir and stir... Plate? Huh?

The result after the 'careful' stirring. The first bite... just as I was expected. Disappointment. The noodles is simply too thick to absorb the sauce. Personally, I think the noodles would taste a lot better if serve with other sauce, not this! The whole dish is simply not balance in terms of taste. I could feel the taste more on the chew of the noodles than the sauce.

When these dialogue happen...
"I wanna come back here for more of this..."
"When can we come again to try other dishes....?"
"I want more...."
Cook/chef! You did it!!!

Too bad, not this time for me. Sorry! Of course, there's always room for improvement, gambateh!
I know I'm very sarcastic in commenting this time, but it really did spoilt my appetite.

Overall: 4/10

Monday, 11 August 2008

Z011: Simply Fusion

Looking for a cozy cafe to satisfied your appetite? Try Simply Fusion at Jaya One.

Well decorated and designed with warm colours. Delicious servings with excellent friendly service. Take a time out and chill in this place for a meal to satisfied your appetite.

They serve 2 types of meals: Value Set & Premium Set. Value Set comes with a main dish, ice lemon tea/ tea/ coffee, one slide of cake of your preference (RM17.90++). Premium Set, need not to mention right? Order all you want, haha...

An outside view from the inside.

Megan's Rainbow Rock.

My plate of honey chicken grill with salad and butter rice. *forgot the name*

A slice of Royal Chocolate, hmm... Not too sweet... hmm...

Overall: 7.5/10

13-G, Block D, Jaya One, No.72A Jalan Universiti, Petaling Jaya. (11am-11pm)

**20% discount for student who present student ID**

Sunday, 3 August 2008

Sharing time =)

Just wanna do some sharing this time. Something I learnt a few weeks ago. Yea, I know it was very long ago, yet I think it's very crucial.

There was once I heard from a pastor who said this:
'There was a night in an aeroplane, a lady cried for help. Her husband had a sudden heart attack in the middle of the sleep. Everyone in the plane woke up that moment. Very soon, a pilot made an announcement: "Is there any doctor in the aeroplane? We have an emergency here! We need help from a doctor!" This man was very fortunate because there were 4 doctors on the plane that time.

But what if all the doctors decided not wake up to help the man because they are simply too tired due to the late and long meeting they had the day before? What would happen to the man?

Very similiarly, if God ask us: "Is there any Christian here? There is an emergency! Someone is dying!"

Christian, are you ready to answer this call? Are you prepare to do it now? Or are you even ready?'
(This may not be the exact version because I didn't record it down, sorry. I just type out whatever I can remember...)

Immediately, I took a while to think seriously about what I have just heard.

Am I ready to say 'Yes' now if He calls? Or am I well prepared?
There were times I pondered how ready am I....
I always fear I'm not doing well enough for Him and I fear... a lot ...

"Lord, bless me boldness and wisdom to do your work... "

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom,
and the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.
Proverbs 9:10