Friday, 15 August 2008


Almost everyone in this Asian region knows this fruit- The King of Fruit.

What do I know about Durian?

1. A very famous fruit madly deeply loved by many Malaysians. And of course, I am one of them.

2. Comes in different sizes (small-huge), thorny husk and unique odour.

3. Some detest the strong odour and taste. Places such as hotel, airport, ... forbid the present of this fruit due to it smell. We can simply recognise the unique odour from far.

4. How to open it? Some use screwdriver, 'parang', bare hand, saw? (haha!!) Seriously, I have seen people using saw to open it. Totally hilarious!

5. How to eat it? Take it and eat it la! *sweat* hahaa... I love to have durian and rice with a pinch of salt, yummm!!!

6. There are people who believe it is best to eat mangosteen or drink water with a pinch of salt using the empty cell of the durian husk after eating durian.

The above picture was taken during the small durian feast I had with my housemates recently. There was this particular weird shaped durian gave us the 'great time' to hold 'opening ceremony'. After several attempts, we took out our last weapon-knife, and *haiya* it. That was the result of the 'ganas' solution, haha... Nice try, my friends!

Do you like it? I LOVE DURIAN!!! YEAH!!!


° Meì Sìm ° said...

i love durian too !!! altho it makes me sick aft eating too much ... HAHAHAHA

amy2kyo said...

you shouldn't cut the durian like that... just doesn't seem to look like durian anymore.. lol