Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Z012: Za Ziang Mian

I have been craving for good 'Za Ziang Mian' (Fried Sauce Noodle) for sometimes. Dreaming of gobble down a BIG bowl of thin noodles with the thick sauce minced. Stir everything together and stuff myself with a mouth full of the super tasty Za Ziang Mian. Woohoo...

This Taiwan Noodles House is located at SS2, next to The Cave. They serve lots of other noodles other than Za Ziang Mian. Price from RM5 onward.

This is a plate of my crave- Za Ziang Mian. To be honest, I was quite disappointed when it was served. First, it was the noodles-too thick. Second, why is it served on a plate? I love to have it in a bowl where you can stir and stir... Plate? Huh?

The result after the 'careful' stirring. The first bite... just as I was expected. Disappointment. The noodles is simply too thick to absorb the sauce. Personally, I think the noodles would taste a lot better if serve with other sauce, not this! The whole dish is simply not balance in terms of taste. I could feel the taste more on the chew of the noodles than the sauce.

When these dialogue happen...
"I wanna come back here for more of this..."
"When can we come again to try other dishes....?"
"I want more...."
Cook/chef! You did it!!!

Too bad, not this time for me. Sorry! Of course, there's always room for improvement, gambateh!
I know I'm very sarcastic in commenting this time, but it really did spoilt my appetite.

Overall: 4/10

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