Saturday, 22 May 2010


Saw a friend posted an update saying that Google Search Engine image today apparently is the Pac-Man game. True enough. So cool!


Had a few rounds and won a few times. Nice, I miss this game. It was some ages back since I last played this game.

Anyway, "Happy 30th-Birthday, Pac-Man!"

Friday, 7 May 2010

You aint old, but cool!

Did I ever tell you that I enjoy the time I spend with people double my age, or triple?

If you happened to read this, and you are above 40, I have to say this to you
"You ain't old, but you are really cool!"

Sometimes, I prefer to spend quality time with them rather than people of my age. Let me tell you how cool they are. They have such beautiful and captivating stories, better than any movie or drama broadcast. Stories about them, about how they overcame obstacles in life, a series of events you and i might not even experienced or heard of.

If you happened to have this golden opportunity, dont let it slip away. Listen attentively, you will realise there's a message lies beneath every story they shared with you. It might help you to understand how certain thing in life works, or prepare you for the obstacle you are about to face, or prevent you from making a huge mistake in life that you will regret in future, or teach you to be wiser in making decisions.

There is a famous Chinese saying '我吃盐多过你吃米'

I'm blessed to know many extremely awesome and interesting cool people!

Marmee and Dardee, you two will always be the top on 'The-People-I-Love' list!
You two are always young at heart, in actions, in speech and in everything you do, that's the reason why your children stickily stuck to you, hahaa!
You two have much nastier ideas and creative ways to carry out things than we do.
You two know how to love, so much more than we do.

Love you, my cool marmee & dardee!