Tuesday, 30 June 2009

SS3 Night Market

Night market has become so common in Malaysian lifestyle. The street-long crowded with colourful canopies awesome place is where almost every kind of local food that can be found. Of course, it is filled with more than just food alone.

I love hanging out and visit different night market at different places. That's the place where you will meet me munching food while both hands struggled holding on with tones of food and legs keep moving from stall to stall.

Obviously, the spending can be scary most of the time. That is why I need to have self control 'max once a week night market visit'.

Well, this time thanks to D and CK for taking and hanging out with me at SS3 night market. Although the varieties served were not as great as the one in SS2, but it was fine. The makan session was awesome. I couldnt help myself to swallow more food than I can after the 2 days of diarrhoea suffering hand 'no oily food' diet. Too good to be back with good yummy food.

5 Some kuih-muih which I have no idea what's the name. But it taste so-so only. 66

5Asam Laksa (RM4)6
Quite good.

5Mat Toh Yau (bm version: apa pun ada) Dessert Stall5

5This is the RM4.50 combination6
You can choose either the RM3.50/ RM4.50 dessert.
Somehow I felt the sweet potato doesnt blend well with the taste.

[I was a little too full after that. Hmm... Belasah after the 2 days of torturing, ahhaha! ]

Monday, 22 June 2009

Giant rawr-ed

I was on the bus just now after the long journey from Ipoh.

Not long after I got on the bus, there came 'him' sitting next to me. He smelled horrible. I could immediately tell that he's drunk and probably not mentally conscious of his actions. He even dropped his phone once and was quite uncounscious when he look at things around him.

He sat there, turned to his back and side almost every single minute. I was a little irritated by his movements that time, was hoping to tie him with ropes, so that he wont move anymore.

Then, he became very relax all of a sudden. His sitting posture became slacking and then his knee touches mine even when I tried to avoid by putting my legs at the near corner already. I shooted him with one sentence immediately "Excuse me, YOUR LEG!" with my finger pointing at his leg. Of course, he quickly pulled back his leg and sat properly.

Later on, he continue to look at the back and turn his body to the side and back again and again. I did a few times of "Arghh..." yet he ignored me.

It was when he crossed over my seat, his arm brushed against my arm and touches my bag, I got crossed because it was not that he is fat or has extra fat or what. I stood up very annoyed and wanted to move to the back seat, yet his legs did not move an inch to let me go down to the aisle even when I was standing there telling him "Excuse me, I WANT TO GO OUT!"

Idiot. So I kicked his legs as I walked out rudely from my previous seat. I didn't even bother to see his reaction at all. As I finally settled down the seat behind him, next to a malay young lady. The lady asked me something about his attitude, as she did observed from the back. I told her he's definately drunk and blah blah blah...

He, again turned to his back. Which mean looking me straight right at the face and look at the lady next to me. This time, he seriously made me feel disgusted. Immediately, I turned to that lady and suggest we should shift to another seat available further down the aisle.

Just as I was trying to finish my sentence, his right hand holding on to his phone stretched straight to the seat next to him. Slowly his hand moves towards the lady and almost touches her.


Yes, I scolded. ARGHHHH!!! I was absolutely pissed off. I wanted to scold him more, but there's no point wasting my energy to scold some idiot like him whom I'm not sure whether he understands English at all. He was trying to take advantages of that young lady who tried to avoid him touching her without even making a noise.
I was not aware how loud I sounded. I only realise there some guys seated at the other side stared at us for quite sometimes.

After I exploded, I went to sit further down with the young lady. I was like a bomb. A BOMB!

Giant rawr-ed in public!

To the pathetic idiot, you have messed with the wrong victim, jerk! I will make sure you scream for the next time IF you ever meet me again, not me screaming.

To those guys in the bus who didnt help out and only sat there watching the 'show', "Be a Man!"

To young ladies these days, please stand up for yourself and give these idiot a good lesson whenever necessary.

To myself, no more scolding with 'please' and 'excuse me'.
I really hate scolding people, especially when I keep repeating 'jerk' in my mind on my way home.

"Dear Papa in heaven, thank you for bringing me home safely and gave me the immediate respond before anything bad happen. Thank you for protecting me safe in your arms especially when that fellow might be dangerous (according to my housemate) and I didnt even thought of him for being dangerous. Praise the Lord!"

Monday, 15 June 2009

Frontera Bar & Grill

Frontara Bar and Grill.
Tex-Mex food, also known as the Mexican food in Texas.

The ambience was cosy and very rich with the Mexican colourful interior designs. Customer service is a must given credit to the owner and the waiters there, friendly enough to explain and introduce patiently with their dishes stated on the menu.

I shall let the pictures roll...

Frontera Bar & Grill, Palm Square, Jaya One.

Parts of the interior designs.

Chips n Salsa (RM8.95)

Virgin Colada (RM12.95)

Tequila Sunrise (RM19.95)

Horny Margaritas (RM22.95)

Chicken Ranch Sandwich (RM16.95)

Enchililadas Nortena (RM28.95)

Beef Enchiladas (RM28.95)

Tex Mex Burrito (RM19.95)

Fajita Platters Combo (RM33.95)
-pic above and below-

A toast to our finale for the insanity semester!

The food, to some extend was somehow plain and within the safe zone in terms of taste. My friends and I generally agree that perhaps Mexican food is not really the food that we want to hunt for our challenging appetite.

Personally, I always prefer much explosive and challenging taste dishes, or simple healthy yet filled with the authentic herbs aroma dishes. I think Mexican food is not really my choice in the list, yet it was a great experience altogether, that's undeniable.

If you are a big fan of Mexican food, I suggest you pay a visit to this place.

Frontera Bar & Grill
18-G-2, Block L, Jaya One
No 72A, Jalan Universiti
46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: +603- 7958 8515
Everyday 11am-11 midnight

*Some pictures are courtesy of Megan and Jeannie.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Life or story?

Have you ever wonder why you even bother to have a blog in the first place?

Is it because everyone else has a blog, therefore you choose to have one too?
Or because you just want to share your thoughts with others?
Or you found a space to pour out your emotional anxieties without limit?
Perhaps you simply just love writing?

There are a thousand of reasons why some of us choose to leave some 'alphebets-prints' in the cyberworld.

Have you ever wonder blog actually reflects our lives and how we lived out our lives?

I find that some blogs are so much like autobiography.
Some treat blogs as diaries, jot down daily events and thoughts. In fact, even if we post up an article that we find it interesting which is not a piece of our work, it also reflects our characters through the post because of our choice of reading and preferences.

Of course, the issue of bias reported angle is altogether another discussion. Many of us write down our thoughts from our perpectives, some more factual writings are rather focused more on general perpectives. Yet, that's how we think, obviously there cant be a clear judgment of whose thinking is right and whose wrong. All of us here have equal right to think and write, but it always bound by the heavy responsibility of writing for good.

To me, a piece of good article is always trying to achieve the best out of the readers, makes the readers think and in the end benefits them.

I was thinking what if in another 50 years to come, some of our blogs actually turned into a book. A book that equivalent to our understanding of 'autobiography' now. Hahaha....

I think my readers will think I'm some mad or insane fellow, ahhaaa!

Anyway, my point is IF you know that your blog will be turned into an autobiography for the next generation to come, people will read your writing and create an image of you based on what you have written, "Is that how you want others to think who you are through your style and language used in your writing?"

It is very subjective whether people will interprete the text the way you wish they would, as we are now all trained to think critically before digesting any idea. Alright, perhaps not all of us, but at least this is what the world is moving towards. I hope.

If, I'm saying IF your blog is definitely going to be printed into a book, will you try to change the way you report what occured in your life? Perhaps even omit some characters or events in your life? Or even more serious, add in elements or characters into 'your life' and change the entire ending?

It is already an extremely tough job for a journalist to report a news without bias. What about us towards our own blog?

Somehow it just kept me thinking whether is our blog really our lives or just our created story, ahhaa...

I hope I didnt make your day a miserable one after reading this post, do feel free to comment, I would love to hear your thoughts.

Have a great day ahead! =)


You know how to differentiate 'insane' and 'awesome'?

Insane is when you use water heater in this mad weather.

Awesome is when you take cold shower 2am in the morning.

I'm going nutz soon... let there be snow, please!

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Mong Cha Cha

I was at Seoul Garden the other day with my house mates. After the super-filling-licious meal, the waiter was suppose to bring out the birthday cake to our table to surprise my friends.

What happened was something that we did not expected.

I went to the waiter and gave him the signal to light the candles and bring the cake out when we were almost done with our lunch.

He nodded with a broad smile hanging on his face.

He did.

He brought the cake out.

Complete and untouch.

... and still perfectly IN the box.

Together with the lighter placed at the side of the box.

I was literally staring at him for one second and I bursted out laughing with my another house mate.


All I managed to do was to thank him for taking my words too innocently.

Hmm... maybe he is still new in this kind of task, I dont blame him of course.
I dont think he know why I laughed, coz he still smile so innocently after that. LOL

Anyway, I hope the three of you enjoyed the meal and the birthday celebration. =)

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Last uni sem break

If I were to sum up my whole semester break, a word is powerful enough to describe it- Great!

The Sutanium Day
My holiday began with ice skating in conjuction to celebrate a friend's birthday right after the last exam paper . First time ice skating was really scary. Imagine the first time you learn how to take control of a bicycle, learn to depends on the only two wheels that touches the ground with faith. The first five minutes was monstrous. haha! Thanks to my two 'sifu' who generously spared their fun time to teach me patiently by my sides and I managed to stand and skate a little without any support. Yeah!

The dinner was absolutely great. The conversations and laughters were good. I laughed so much, especially when we shared our public bus experiences. Hilarious! Oh, not to forget that MayShing actually 'eats' (for those who know her, you should know what I mean here =P )

Family, Relatives & Friends
Spending time with family, relatives and friends was very good. Get to know them better through common chats, over a meal, casual hang out, visitation and etc.

Us, the crazy six were after the same drama, again due to someone's interest, sat at the common comfortable place talking some nonsence, laughed over some idiot jokes, shared our experiences, I always love and treasure those moments although sometimes our conversations can be super super crappy, hehe! 'It' runs in the family =P

Healthy Lifestyle
Due to some extra and unwanted weight I gained 2 days after my arrival at home, I went on a quite consistent exercise basis for only a week. LOL! I felt healthier of course, at least that's how my brain took the efforts into account =)

Badminton Phobia
I had a badminton session with my friends. Good in the sense when I get to move around and kick out some fats; bad when I got bullied by my team mates. They were so happy everytime they managed to fly the shuttlecock and land on the mong cha cha player- me. Fun, yes.

Planning Retreat
Never in my life discussions can be so interesting and intense. Still, I'm absolutely loving it. I have always been hoping that we could discuss those issues to the extend where we can have a clearer view of where we are heading and a more concrete measurement. Finally! Praise Him!
I do miss those moments. Thanks to everyone who made it there and kept us in prayer.

O yes, not to forget I learnt how to play a little majong there, hehe!

Speaking of semester break, that, was the last uni sem break for me and my course mates. It also indicates the end is drawing near, another new beginning is about to start. Changes occurs all the time, I know. Yet, I think I engaged too much emotions and enjoyed every moment of my life so much that I did not realise. I will definitely miss these three years of uni life as a student.

When the next transition arrives, let us all begin another fresh new chapter and ask God for wisdom and be our guidance, as always. =)

By the way, try this 'sharp butt tomato' (I dont know the name, hehe!), it taste explosively delicious.
I'm so gonna hunt it again, swallow tonnes of it and cheer my messy mood up.