Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Life or story?

Have you ever wonder why you even bother to have a blog in the first place?

Is it because everyone else has a blog, therefore you choose to have one too?
Or because you just want to share your thoughts with others?
Or you found a space to pour out your emotional anxieties without limit?
Perhaps you simply just love writing?

There are a thousand of reasons why some of us choose to leave some 'alphebets-prints' in the cyberworld.

Have you ever wonder blog actually reflects our lives and how we lived out our lives?

I find that some blogs are so much like autobiography.
Some treat blogs as diaries, jot down daily events and thoughts. In fact, even if we post up an article that we find it interesting which is not a piece of our work, it also reflects our characters through the post because of our choice of reading and preferences.

Of course, the issue of bias reported angle is altogether another discussion. Many of us write down our thoughts from our perpectives, some more factual writings are rather focused more on general perpectives. Yet, that's how we think, obviously there cant be a clear judgment of whose thinking is right and whose wrong. All of us here have equal right to think and write, but it always bound by the heavy responsibility of writing for good.

To me, a piece of good article is always trying to achieve the best out of the readers, makes the readers think and in the end benefits them.

I was thinking what if in another 50 years to come, some of our blogs actually turned into a book. A book that equivalent to our understanding of 'autobiography' now. Hahaha....

I think my readers will think I'm some mad or insane fellow, ahhaaa!

Anyway, my point is IF you know that your blog will be turned into an autobiography for the next generation to come, people will read your writing and create an image of you based on what you have written, "Is that how you want others to think who you are through your style and language used in your writing?"

It is very subjective whether people will interprete the text the way you wish they would, as we are now all trained to think critically before digesting any idea. Alright, perhaps not all of us, but at least this is what the world is moving towards. I hope.

If, I'm saying IF your blog is definitely going to be printed into a book, will you try to change the way you report what occured in your life? Perhaps even omit some characters or events in your life? Or even more serious, add in elements or characters into 'your life' and change the entire ending?

It is already an extremely tough job for a journalist to report a news without bias. What about us towards our own blog?

Somehow it just kept me thinking whether is our blog really our lives or just our created story, ahhaa...

I hope I didnt make your day a miserable one after reading this post, do feel free to comment, I would love to hear your thoughts.

Have a great day ahead! =)


Sean Lon said...

Cannot. Too much common,messy, insignificant, valueless and random details which doesn't standout enough to be an autobiography unless of course the author is well known/ successful social figure.

ireneC said...

I think i can only agree your statement to some extend. Yes, it is very true that many times bloggers have written down too many insignificant and random posts which cannot standout as an autobiography.

As for the blogger's future is yet for anyone to predict. Perhaps, when he/she in somewhere of the line stoodout as a famous and successful social figure, I am just wondering all the previous random & common posts will be considered as important, hahaa...

If those posts are eliminated, would the story still be complete? Just a thought =)

Thanks for dropping the thought, Sean!