Thursday, 19 June 2008

Blessings falling

I went back home last weekend. Thought of getting a break from all the work i was holding at that very moment. I was so looking forward for a good rest at home with warmth, good food and do-nothing-weekend, also to celebrate Daddy's Day.

Things didn't go as I planned and hoped. My grand aunt passed away just hours before I reached home. Relatives came from all over the peninsula to this little town. There I go... busy as ever...

Even though everyone in the house was busy running in and out to my aunt's place, my little usual busy character was running at the normal speed. I even 'ge bo' into my little sister's art homework =) Hmm... wait! It should be 'sensory acuity' instead of 'ge bo'. I 'helped' her in her drawing, let's say almost 85% of the whole master piece of work? =P Can't help it! I miss drawing!

One thing mi mentioned which I personally quite agree with.
"People these days will meet up only either when there's a wedding or funeral."
Just imagine, there're relatives and friends I only get to meet them on these two kinds of events. However, I am glad that I was able to see them on the weekend and I do missed them a lot!

After the tiring weekend, my body was dragged back here once again...

One thing that really cheer me up.
I received food vouchers, free Snickers, discount card... within a week =)
Happy! May my foody days begin!
Really wanna thank God for giving me the strength and happiness! Praise Him! He knows the best way to cheer me up and always the best timing.

Saturday, 7 June 2008

Z010: Sri Paandi Banana Leaf Rice

Banana Leaf Rice... cool!

Went to Sri Paandi with Sarah, Siew Yong, Sandy, Toni, Vera and Chris last Sunday. That was a great experience altogether I would say.

When we reached, we decided to get ourselves a seat while waiting for Vera and Chris. Due to lack of experience, we faced 'food shock' as we followed whatever that served before us.

The moment we were seated, banana leaves were well prepared right in front of us. A few 'specialist' start doing their job immediately without any delay.
First, the guy with rice.
Second, another guy with vege in 4 different containers.
Next, another guy with curry.
Then, another with crackers.
Another with the yogurt.
Another with some side dishes.
Another with fried chicken and fish.
Another took our drinks order.
All these happened within 5 minutes time once we were seated. Super efficient!!!

There was once I had to stop one of them to ss..l...ooooowww... down with whatever he was serving. The 5 of us were in super duper confusion during the 5 minutes. "HUH??" "What's that?" "What's this?" "Yogurt?? Huh??" "What?" "I have no idea what he's talking about!" "=,=""

When they have completed their 'mission', our 'saviour' arrived! Explanation from Vera cleared my confusion, haha... Anyway, the food was really good. The vege and crackers. Yumm!!! I managed to finished everything that lay right in front of me =)

What I have gathered from Vera was that this is the standard dish for banana leaf rice. Means we can ask them for more vege or rice or crackers or curry or yogurt and we still pay the same price (RM4) no matter how much portion we can take in. But the side dishes, fried chicken/ fish are charged as extras. Interesting!

Overall: 7/10

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Phone Survival

Let me review what happened to me today.

A day beginning with "Why?" and lots of worries.

My phone was in dead mode when I woke up this morning. After many attempts to switch on the phone with the finger on the on/off button and use the charger to see whether it works, I gave up when it did not even bother to show me any sign at all but to leave it the way it is while I rushed to uni for CF recruitment drive.

While waiting the Ju and Ian, I tried again and was hoping it works somehow. Again it failed and kinda crushed my hope.

Right at that moment, thousands of thoughts swam through my mind.
How can this happened? It is only 5 months old...
What did I do?
How can I survive without handphone?
Not this week! Especially this important weekend! How can my sis reach me? Gosh... I need miracle!! I was really desperate...

I tried to think of some other alternative if my phone seriously facing some what-so-ever technical software problem. There was once I can't tahan anymore, went to Digital Mall to get it fix. According to the expert, my phone was down with some 'bluetooth virus' (no idea how it can ever happened to my lovely phone). It will cost me RM80 and at least half an hour to fix it. Argh! I decided not to fix it there and went back to uni.


Went back my apartment after the meeting. While I was talking to my house mates and trying to charge the phone again and see if there is any chance... Hmm... Something happened! 'Charging...?' To cut the story short, if I'm not mistaken la... I think my phone was down with low battery. Hahaaa..... Thank God!

I worried for nothing in the end. =,="

Laugh with me =)