Saturday, 7 June 2008

Z010: Sri Paandi Banana Leaf Rice

Banana Leaf Rice... cool!

Went to Sri Paandi with Sarah, Siew Yong, Sandy, Toni, Vera and Chris last Sunday. That was a great experience altogether I would say.

When we reached, we decided to get ourselves a seat while waiting for Vera and Chris. Due to lack of experience, we faced 'food shock' as we followed whatever that served before us.

The moment we were seated, banana leaves were well prepared right in front of us. A few 'specialist' start doing their job immediately without any delay.
First, the guy with rice.
Second, another guy with vege in 4 different containers.
Next, another guy with curry.
Then, another with crackers.
Another with the yogurt.
Another with some side dishes.
Another with fried chicken and fish.
Another took our drinks order.
All these happened within 5 minutes time once we were seated. Super efficient!!!

There was once I had to stop one of them to ss..l...ooooowww... down with whatever he was serving. The 5 of us were in super duper confusion during the 5 minutes. "HUH??" "What's that?" "What's this?" "Yogurt?? Huh??" "What?" "I have no idea what he's talking about!" "=,=""

When they have completed their 'mission', our 'saviour' arrived! Explanation from Vera cleared my confusion, haha... Anyway, the food was really good. The vege and crackers. Yumm!!! I managed to finished everything that lay right in front of me =)

What I have gathered from Vera was that this is the standard dish for banana leaf rice. Means we can ask them for more vege or rice or crackers or curry or yogurt and we still pay the same price (RM4) no matter how much portion we can take in. But the side dishes, fried chicken/ fish are charged as extras. Interesting!

Overall: 7/10


° Meì Sìm ° said...

wer izzit ar? brickfields ? or p.j ?

ireneC said...

Aa... It's in pj, near UM. hehe... but I'm not really sure how to get there though. But i know people who can give direction to that place. There are a few shops with the same name but the one I tried is the corner shop. =) We can go there if u want some day =)

Anita said...

Hey, I know how 2 go there..