Friday, 31 December 2010

My Super HERO

My vivid memory before I stepped into this Year of Tiger, was told that I might meet hardship and lots of hindrances (some Chinese beliefs). Knowing well that I will have an awesome year just like the many promising years past and as the year coming to an end though the Year of Tiger has another month ahead, it has proven them wrong enough, hahaa! "My super Hero never fails!!"

The dread upon a whole new phase of life has turned out to be a beautiful one.

Doubt upon uncertainty is natural, and I have one major one as well. I questioned, waited for an answer, was a little discourage at times just to think about it sometimes, which can easily become a grouch hidden inside of me as I was so sure in the beginning. God always work miraculously. Once again, He surprised me with the way He brings the answer, perhaps I should say it's an assurance, just before the year ends. I can never thank Him enough.

Life is like a movie, we are the main character, He is the director with beautiful story plots all ready in mind, ready to roll anytime. Oh, I cant wait to play in the next scene.