Thursday, 27 November 2008

Food Foundry

After the lunch at My Elephant, we proceed to Food Foundry, hehe... for more dessert!!

Very interesting cakes we found, check it out!
Vanilla Mille Crepe [RM8]

Strawberry & Cream Mille Crepe [RM9]

Chocolate Mille Crepe [RM9]

Why interesting?
It's such delicious and careful baked cake.
Simply irresistible!!
Soft, fluffy and taste exactly what cake should taste like!

"Mille Crepe: 20 thin layers of French crepe layered with fresh, smooth custard-cream"

Overall: 8.5/10
No BG-8, Happy Mansion, Jalan 17/1346400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul EhsanMalaysia.
Tel: +603.7955.3885 / +603.7960.5881 Fax: +603.7960.5882
*Did I post too much for a day? Nyeh! Just too happy!*

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

My Elephant

Has been planning to pay a visit to My Elephant for sometimes ever since it was opened since it's quite near =) Finally I made it with Ju, Jeannie and Megan. Yeah!!

Cozy, simple, comfortable, relax...
I ordered a set lunch, we were just in time to make our very last order before the kitchen close at 2pm sharp, hehe....
Set lunch comes with a drink, main dish and dessert. [RM8.90]
From top left clockwise: Pandan Cooler, Mango as dessert, KraChiap Cooler and Lychee fried rice.

Ju's dish-Thai Glass Noodles (if not mistaken)

Overall: 7.5/10

C-G-4 Happy Mansion, Jalan 17/13, Section 17, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Tel: +603-6156 2655 Fax: +603-6156 2657
Business Hours:
Monday: Closed
Tuesday to Friday: Lunch (12 - 3pm) Dinner (6 - 10pm)
Saturday and Sunday: Lunch Closed, only Dinner
*P.S. last order at 9:30pm
The meal taste fine, simple yet delicious. Perhaps I'm a BIG eater, the portion seems a little too little for me, haha....

Sushi King

I know, I know... Our dear Jap lecturer told us sushi here is not sushi, haha... He was kinda against us wasting money in some not up to the standard to call sushi
*ahem-sushi king-ahem*
Anyway... Sushi King was doing Salmon dishes promotion a few weeks ago...
Went out with you-know-who-you-are-la, haha... It was a great trip with you all!! *HUGS*
Just thought of posting the pictures coz it's kinda cute =)
I ordered one of the Salmon dishes, was quite good.

Sarah's Salmon...
Overall: 7/10
By the way, the movie after the lunch, Madagascar was good! At least I laughed, hehe!!

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Malaysian Literature assignment- Dream

We were given this as assignment:

Critical Essay on Fiction:
Throughout history dreams have been associated with sacred revelation and prophecy. Sigmund Freud believed that every dream is a wish fulfillment. However, dreams can often mean the opposite of what they seem to mean; that is, we often see our own desires as they are often reflected (and mirror-reversed) through others.
Do you agree that dreams in Malaysian fiction in English are a fulfillment of desires/wishes or rather a reverse of them? To prove your point, discuss the use of dreams in the stories and the novels covered this semester. Give appropriate examples from the texts. [20 marks]

The moment I finished reading this question, my face turned into--> o,0? Never in life would I ever dream of getting question such as this! Never!! I was amazed, to be honest. Surprise? Yes! "Surpply!!!" haha... Such interesting topic ^__^

Did some reading including those I should have done sometimes ago, opps*
Short stories: It's All In The Dream, Haunting The Tiger, Ibrahim Something, Journey...
Novels: Green Is The Colour ( =,= till the end) & The Return (still havent finish, opps*)

Sigmund Freud's dream analysis.
Dream is fulfillment of wishes. What do you think of this statement?
After all those readings and brain storming moments, I think to some extend I have to agree to it.

From what I understand so far, there are generally 2 types of fulfillment of wishes: wish for something to happen in real life & wish for certain thing/event to be avoided. There are wishes expressed through the conscious description provided by the dreamer, however most wishes are unconsciously represented, only dream interpretation can uncover the wish. There are 3 typical anxiety dreams: embarrassment dreams of nakedness, dreams of the death of a beloved one, dreams of failing an examination.
From what I have read and analysed, there are points he mentioned were quite related to my own personal life too. Of course, I dont mean to say I agreed on everything he stated there. Everyone has a different life and thinking.
Sometimes, the mind is so powerful that it can actually interpret the hidden meaning of the dreams we had, influence our life and actions. There was once when I was a child, I had a really bad dream about the death of someone that I'm very close with. Our relationship was kinda tense sometimes. We quarrelled a lot and we both shared the same strong character-cannot afford to lose in any aspect at all, in the other word we want to be only the winner, not the loser. Yet, I can assured that we really love and care for each other, no hatred.
The moment I woke up from the dream, I knew it was from God, He wants me to learn something from it. I woke up, sat there for a very long time, thinking about the dream I just had... 'Was it just a dream? But it seems so real. Never in my life had I felt that way.' To lose someone in life forever, the feeling is aweful. All I wanted to is say I'm sorry and give a BIG hug. From that day onward, I have learnt to try my best to tolerate and to be patient in many ways. I'm not saying I'm super good in tolerating and be patient, I'm not perfect, yet I did my best to break my old records.
All I wanted to conclude here is that, the dream I had changes my life. I guess it's a fulfillment of wish in some ways because deep down in my heart, I have always hoping not to lose this person in my life or let the hatred to tear us apart.
Treasure the people you love before they close their eyes forever!
*I cant believe I've started writing this post 10 days ago and completed only today!*

Saturday, 8 November 2008

Big Apple Doughnuts

Are you drooling now?
Too Bad! Not for you =P
Happy Birthday Grace and Phoebe and Sarah (soon!)!!
Oww... Grace! Only if you were there...
Thanks Gabe for the doughnuts! We love the yummy doughnuts!
Btw, did I blog earlier than yours? Haha...

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Kuala Lumpur Butterfly Park

Kuala Lumpur Butterfly Park
A day trip with Carol, Yien, Vera, Sandy and Toni just before the both of them fly back to Indo. A very nice experience with the butterflies and moths in the butterfly park.

Now, you have to be quiet and patience when you enter.... just let the pictures do the talking! =)

A view from the top.

This butterfly is really pretty. We assumed that it was dead because it didnt move/care to give any respond for a very long time.

It's colour looks very similiar with its surrounding.

Some butterflies look exactly like a dried leaf. Only when you observe closer, then you will realise that it has some other parts extra =) The colour is hidden when it closes its wings. Patience is needed if you want to look at the 'hidden beauty'.

The flowers and the bottle of essence are used to attract the butterflies and moths.

More than just butterfly and moth:

A very good poser!

I love this butterfly the best! Too bad, I didnt see it alive!

It's somewhere very near to Balai Polis Bukit Aman.