Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Sushi King

I know, I know... Our dear Jap lecturer told us sushi here is not sushi, haha... He was kinda against us wasting money in some not up to the standard to call sushi
*ahem-sushi king-ahem*
Anyway... Sushi King was doing Salmon dishes promotion a few weeks ago...
Went out with you-know-who-you-are-la, haha... It was a great trip with you all!! *HUGS*
Just thought of posting the pictures coz it's kinda cute =)
I ordered one of the Salmon dishes, was quite good.

Sarah's Salmon...
Overall: 7/10
By the way, the movie after the lunch, Madagascar was good! At least I laughed, hehe!!


Jo-Anne said...

hey...ask ur jap lecturer which sushi restoran he will recommend in malaysia that he considers a good sushi meal....hahaha...

cuz we wana have a good meal of sushi mer..kekeke

ireneC said...

I bet he will only say "Of course Japan's sushi! None of the so called sushi here IS sushi at all!" haha...

He told us that sushi in Japan doesnt use plate and chopsticks... Sushi there cost like RM50 each!! EACH!!!

Well, anyhow, I'll ask him tomorrow during our last lecture =) Wait for my good news!!