Friday, 30 October 2009

Spell S.T.R.E.S.S

I went back to uni yesterday and was caught by some students who were doing a campaign on stress at the foyer. As usual, I was asked to do a questionnaire and later was given a piece of paper to define 'stress'. I should have define it as followed:

1. When I realised that I am no longer fit to produce 600 words on a piece of paper =stress
2. I am not allowed to tell a lame joke when I'm feeling super crappy =stress
3. Drooling over the pictures of delicious cakes, cookies, sushi, dimsum,... on cook books in a book store =stress
4. Driving only 120km/h on highway =stress
5. When I finally realised that I dont really understand how to define stress =STRESS

Good news for all!

I know it would sound weird for ME to convince anyone to be a primary school teacher, hehee!

But, ...

... they get to celebrate Children's Day with the kids! Food and fun!!!
Isnt it awesome?

Neh! It doesnt mean i'm interested also though. =P

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Taken from


This is how I persuaded my little sister to take her medicine, hahaa!

"I have never actually encounter the difficulty of taking medicine. Which according to my parents, I love medicine since I was a child. A weird kid I am, hahaa! Well, in a nicer phrase, I am an obedient patient."

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Remained silent

I used to find it difficult to understand why there are people who would choose to remained silent when obviously the truth will help to clear the misundertanding and one's innocent guilt.

Whenever I came to the part of the movie/ drama, I would:
"Eller... just tell la... what is so difficult?"
"Silly, explain je, remained silent wont help, okay?"

Logically, we tend to think that explanation helps to solve the issue faced. Yes, it does, I dont deny the fact that it does, most of the time.

Yet, it might backfire too.

Sometimes, it is the fact that will hurt the other person's feelings, and you only realised it after you have done so or it might lead to another even worse/ complicated circumstances that you never thought it would ever happen.

Some people choose to sacrifice themselves and let the truth to be known one day naturally.
What if the day never arrive?

Some people are simply too tired to engage anymore emotion to care. Choose to ignore and let go, which usually is only the temporary let go.
What about in the future?

Some choose not to confront the situation on the spot, but later create chaos indirectly.
Is that really how you want to solve the problem?

Anything can become very complicated.
Is complicated healthy?

Wednesday, 14 October 2009


Will type something again, soon.

I will be back after the commercial break, hahaa!