Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Phone Survival

Let me review what happened to me today.

A day beginning with "Why?" and lots of worries.

My phone was in dead mode when I woke up this morning. After many attempts to switch on the phone with the finger on the on/off button and use the charger to see whether it works, I gave up when it did not even bother to show me any sign at all but to leave it the way it is while I rushed to uni for CF recruitment drive.

While waiting the Ju and Ian, I tried again and was hoping it works somehow. Again it failed and kinda crushed my hope.

Right at that moment, thousands of thoughts swam through my mind.
How can this happened? It is only 5 months old...
What did I do?
How can I survive without handphone?
Not this week! Especially this important weekend! How can my sis reach me? Gosh... I need miracle!! I was really desperate...

I tried to think of some other alternative if my phone seriously facing some what-so-ever technical software problem. There was once I can't tahan anymore, went to Digital Mall to get it fix. According to the expert, my phone was down with some 'bluetooth virus' (no idea how it can ever happened to my lovely phone). It will cost me RM80 and at least half an hour to fix it. Argh! I decided not to fix it there and went back to uni.


Went back my apartment after the meeting. While I was talking to my house mates and trying to charge the phone again and see if there is any chance... Hmm... Something happened! 'Charging...?' To cut the story short, if I'm not mistaken la... I think my phone was down with low battery. Hahaaa..... Thank God!

I worried for nothing in the end. =,="

Laugh with me =)


BlurChu? said...

Oh, don't worry, Irene!

HPs don't die off so easily... unless they are thrown off a 15-storey apartment, crashed under a lorry and slipped into the drain, which then it'll float all the way to the sea.

Then, all is lost!

And sometimes, prayer is what you need! HAHAHA!~


ireneC said...

Thanks bernard. I definately can imagine how it can be crashed into pieces with those 'happening' incidents, haha... Not just phone, rat also need to call for a funeral lo, haha....

Yep, prayer and faith is so important.