Friday, 30 May 2008

New Semester

First week back in PJ and I'm partially here. I left half of ireneC at a place called Home.

New semester again. I have completed half of my degree journey so far. The latter part is the toughest and need more effort to achieve my goals.

Result for last semester came out. I was neither happy nor disappointed. No expectation at all. Why? I thought I did pretty badly and was kinda worried during the exam period. It turned out alright after all. Yes, I did better compared to first year. Praise Him!

One thing to celebrate, I passed my moral paper! Wuhoo!! No more LAN subjects!! Haha... Giant with B- for moral, no bad huh? Good kid! Didn't really study for it and was enjoying the holidays with dramas and rubik's cube fun time... *aiks*

This new semester is a Constant Reading Semester! New challenge, but plans go on...
New plans:
1. Put more efforts no matter what!
2. Continue serving for Him in CF.
3. French Language -not available in PJ campus *sob*
4. Drums lessons -will settle it soon.
5. New ministry -timetable clashes, BUT might take up another one.
6. Preparation for Rubik's cube competition in December with cousins, ahaha... *sweat*
7. Food hunting new direction =)

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