Friday, 2 May 2008

3 days of Efforts

3 days of efforts!!! I can't believe this!!! Too good to be true!! Wahaahaha!!!

Bought this Rubik's cube on Tuesday after lunch and I started trying to solve this thing after my dinner. Since then, I keep on spending my time on it.

Tuesday, I managed to pull myself through the first stage and was a little bit too tired to continue. It gave me a hard tiring fun time just staring at the 54 coloured square. Then I seeked help from youtube. Too lazy to continue.

Wednesday, refering to all the formula I got from youtube, managed to overcome the 2nd stage. Heeeheheee...

Today, the finale part and also the toughest part. 4 formula altogether. Tough but really fun! After hours of on and off solving, finally got it all through!! Wuhooo... !!!!

Was really amazed by those little kids who managed to put all the colour back together in just merely less than a minute. A MINUTE!!!! *total salute* ( I did it in almost 3 days time o_0)

Now, my next mission is to explore how exactly those formula works and try to solve it in my own way instead of depending on the formula I have already printed in my brain. Need to go through Wernicke's area then Arcuate Fasciculus that send the message to Broca's area in order for me to teach my sister when I get back.

Alas, I can sleep peacefully. Yeap! It's time to focus on my last exam paper on Monday, moral...!!! Yikes! Will try my best!! Had too much fun since Tuesday, need to bring my focus back now...

Happy... happii..... happeee.... whee.... yeah....

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