Thursday, 1 May 2008


30th April 2008. A very memorable day. 11.59pm, just a minute to 1st May 2008 will always be a memorable moment. Feeling rather sad and disappointed, how I wish I could have just done something better to make myself feeling at least slightly calmer now. It's too late. It's just too late to do anything now. I can't change what has becomes history.

Since early this year, I have been visiting places with good food. Here and there, I have been receiving cash vouchers and coupons from various restaurants, cafes, newspaper and certain wonderful people. Thanks to all who gave me those.

The food vouchers that have been with me all the while since early this year. Clockwise: Subway cash voucher RM10, Secret Recipe free Long Black or Flat White and Old Town White Coffee cash vouchers.

How lovely isn't? Yea... I felt so happy when I pocket them everywhere I go. I can actually feel the food is with me, hehe... siao eh?

Too bad. These goodies do not last forever. And all vanish at the same day, same time. *sobbing really really hard* Check the date. 30th April 2008!!! That's yesterday!!! I mean just almost 2 and 1/2 hours ago... Mua.... I want Subway!!!! *merajuk*

Another from Secret Recipe... *sobbing even harder*

Another from Old Town White Coffee, given by Elie dai ga jie... *sobbing very very hard now*

This one right... Look carefully!! "Valid only at Subway E-Gate at Gelugor, Penang" Arghh!!!!
Why can't I have it anywhere else?? Argh!!! RM10 voucher ok??!!! (Da jie, thanks for giving it to me anyway, I just can't stop myself feeling sad, muaa.... o___0 )

All 3 lovely food vouchers gone in one day! How can I not be in a sad mood now...

Okay la... joking nia!! I'm feeling crappy. It's not so bad after all, I still have some more with me, hehe....

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