Friday, 9 May 2008

Z009: Food Foundary, Tong Yun & Tou Fu Fa, Ice Kacang, Pork Noodles...

Hmm... Just realised I have not been posting my food post quite sometimes. Enjoy...... =)

~Spaghetti Carbonara from Food Foundary Section 17~
The sauce of the dish is thick enough with cheese, mushroom and minced chicken. Hmm, how do I exactly describe the taste? Well, let me put it this way: "Once you start, you hardly have second thought of putting the fork down."

However, I still think they can improve better on the tenderness of the spaghetti. If only the spaghetti is slightly soft enough, I'm sure the taste would be perfecto with more sauce 'sticking' on the spaghetti itself. Wuhoo...

Also, credit gives to the service efficiency and courtesy. =)

Overall: 7/10
~ Tong Yun with Tou Fu Fa from SS2 Night Market~
I had a bowl of 2 mixual flavour 'tong yun' of peanut and black sesame seeds. If you are a kind of person who like not so sweet tou fu fa, you'll enjoy this. Personally I think the tou fu fa should be slightly sweeter, the peanut and black sesame seeds in the tong yun are a little bit too sweet. But the dumpling itself is very soft and easy to chew. Excellent!!

Overall: 6.5/10
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ~Ice Kacang from Wong Kam Bercham, Ipoh~

It comes with red beans, peanuts, cendol, sweet corns, liong fun... Delicious and note the BIG bowl, no kidding! Also, very cheap!! RM2.50 for this BIG bowl!!!

Overall: 7/10


~Pork Noodles from Ipoh Garden East Ipoh~

To be fair, I think the one that I used to eat very often in PJ has a better soup compared to this one. BUT the one here has more stuff instead of just the minced pork and noodles. Just that the soup is not 'gao' enough, too bad! If not, it'll be perfecto!

Overall: 6.5/10

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Just for fun =) Saw these superb cute bread. It's great to see there are people who are passionate in giving happiness to the bread. Actually I curi-curi took this picture, wahaha... *shhh*

Can you figure out anything weird about this pic? haha... I find it hmm... a bit unusual, haha!


° Meì Sìm ° said...

ice kacang ...*drool*
izzit @ 'langkap pau' there ar?

ireneC said...

yep!!! the same place!!! I just found out there's a lui cha stall also... gosh!!! I'm so addicted to it...