Wednesday, 14 May 2008

The Long Awaited Love Letter

A love letter
Written by EL
Idea and designed by Dr C
Appreciated by all from EL

Words that describe us.
Words that show us who we are to the rest.
Words that remind us our own special ways.
Words that tell us we are appreciated.

Thanks a lot
All who wrote it
And came out with this idea
My rainbow is now complete


ViViEnNe said...

P/s: click for larger image/view..haha...oh ya,right, she's all about F.O.O.D....hahaha...

ireneC said...

wei... i pruposely make it smaller d... u ar... naughty naughty!!! *blek*

BlurChu? said...

Oh... so touching!

You would be surprise how well it goes as an ice-breaker game in a cell-group.

And thank you for ending tags! You go, girl!