Saturday, 11 July 2009

Itchy Fingers

I was reminded of what I did during last Saturday lecture.

During the lecture, Mr J accidentally kicked the table where the projector was. So, the projector was slightly off its position.

He didnt bother to adjust the projector but went on to the white board in front and wrote some notes there.

As usual, my response is to adjust the position of the projector since I can do it with one hand without even leaving my seated position.

While I was one hand copying notes from the white board and one hand adjusting the projector, Mr J suddenly turned his head over slowly. He looked slightly shocked as he turned, as if he has seen a ghost. Then his stare stopped on me.

"Er... Opps! What did I do?"

Mr J said he thought the projector moved on its own when he was writing some notes on the white board, just at the edge of the screen where the projector projected the slides. He got shocked when he realised 'it' moves as he was writing.

My hand still paused at the same position as he explained.

I think someone at the back of the class laughed out loud and told me "Hey Irene! You itchy hand la... " and also something like I have frightened Mr J off.

The whole class roared with laughter.


What did Giant do this time?

My good intention has turned out to be some jokes of the day, again. Aiks*
Nevermind, at least you guys and girls stayed awake after the laughter. Cheers =)


kiawin said...

it's ok. this round you're more of a nobita instead :)

ireneC said...

=,= Nobita? Hahaa!