Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Nyonya Colors

Went there with my foodie friends about 3 weeks ago.
Hahaa! I know, I know... It is another 'lapuk' story, yet the best thing is food there wont, isnt great? Hahaa! That's why I love food hunting!

Here, I give you 'Nyonya Colors'!

The main thing that attracted my attention was the stools. How uniquely beautiful designed, brought me back to Melacca, the amazing historical place that I have always love. If only I'm still a kid, I'm sure I'll go hopping around the store a few rounds, then settle down myself after picking my favourite seat, hahaa! My parents taught me well, so I bahaved *grin*

5One of the stool next to mine. Cantik5

The ancient look of the interior and how customers enjoyed their meal with such comfortable ambience.

Anyone would simply drool over such varieties of kuih-muih. Everything was placed so accordingly with so many names that I could never ever remember, but every single one of them look too tempting to be tasted.

As I said earlier, I cant possibly remember the name, so I will just let the pictures roll...

5These, I know. 5
From left: Lapi Coco, Talam Ubi & Angku M. Bean. (According to the receipt)

5Fried noodles with chicken5

5Nasi lemak5 Taste really good, well recommended.

5Ice kacang5

Basically, the food there taste good. We didnt managed to try everything, of course. But for the food we ordered, "Passed with a smile".

The customer service there was good, friendly. Price is simply affordable.

Nyonya Colors
Mid-Valley Gardens
Tel: 603- 7728 2288


Esther said...

i wan the ice kacang ah............................................... i wan T.T ice kacang~~~~~~~~~~~~T.T come to me

Esther said...

eh ice kacang dun go to irene ok ^^

Esther said...

die lor i talking to food irene sry for spamming haha

ireneC said...

Hahaahaa, Esther! Nak ice kacang eh? Let's go Malacca together ya?