Sunday, 1 November 2009

Sounds familiar?

I was at a book store. Drooling over the food books pathethically. Then, overheard a conversation between a mother and her son and daughter.

Mother (M), Son (S), Daughter (D)

D: 妈... 咪..~~
M: 哇! 你不要越叫越恐怖!
D: 妈咪, 我要买书。
M: 嘿呀! 越叫越恐怖! 多少钱? 你去告诉爸爸...
S: 妈咪! 我要买这本书。 我自己有带钱买书。
M: 哇! 好! OK OK...

I almost laughed out loud, hahaa! I was afraid if I peep at them, I'll burst out laughing. This lady's respond was so funny, the way she say '恐怖' was super hilarious!

That scene sounds familiar to you?
It is for me, at least. My sibings and I were in this situation before for many many times when we were young and money-less. I miss those times. (Especially when we wanted to get comics, hahaa!)

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