Sunday, 12 April 2009

No more fever please

I was down with fever yesterday. It was terrible.

I knew it would hit me when I sensed a button in my immune system was turned off when I was about to reach home on Friday night. Felt weak mentally and physically all of a sudden. Immediately went to bed to rest after checking and replying emails.

The next day I woke up, a very bad headache hit me. Not only did I do nothing, I slept for the whole day. Absolutely in coma on and off for more than 30 hours in around 36 hours straight down. Never have I ever felt so weak till the extend of could not even stand for 10 minutes to get something done. Too tired physically and mentally to do anything.

The weather was not exactly a good help to make me feel any better, either it was too hot or it was too cold. I dont know, maybe I was no longer in good condition to feel the actual temperature.

What a waste of time resting for so long to recover...

Then only I realise how much a patience have to bear and suffer in bed to recover from their pain and sickness...

Praise the Lord for healing me and I can continue to do my work today. =)

I was insanely hungry coz I only had two BIG tomatoes and some cereal yesterday. It's always good to be back with my appetite.

Please no more fever or what-so-ever-sickness. I have no time to waste...

Dear friends who are rushing assignments and final year project, take good care and dont fall sick. Drink more water, eat healthily and take enough daily rest.

Till then, God bless you =)

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