Saturday, 4 April 2009

365 days No Fast Food Record

This is another long gone post =P

15 January 2008 - 15 January 2009
My No Fast Food Record for A Year

Honestly, the process was tough.
For how many times did you see me sitting there in front of the a full table filled with pizzas and yet did not touch any of those? I cant believe I managed to hold my hands back from those tempting mouth drooling food.

For friends who were constantly reminded that I was trying to set a personal record and not bring me to fast food restaurant, I thank you. You all were very understanding, though I might sound silly at times.

Well then, wanna know my current diet?

After the fast food 'opening ceremony' for my stomach on the 15 January in Wendy's, I'm controlling myself for maximum only one fast food meal in a week the most.

It is super tempting at times, especially when you were unconsciously reminded that the RM6.99 promotion in Wendy's and RM5.95 promotion in McD are going on now... *arghh...*

My friends were complaining my unhealthy diet lately.
"Can you for once stop drooling over the Double Cheeseburger!!"
"Sorry, I simply cant help it! It is written all over, the newspaper, the McD RM5.95 truck that passes by me, the McD delivery motorcyclist, ... it's really not my fault, hehee..."

No worries, I'm fully in control of my diet, no worries... no worries... =)


HeAtheRyN said...

gosh, I'm speechless! All are EXCUSES! Lol~even the McD truck can tempt you! Sweat! Anyway, I'm impressed! One year without fast food. That needs a big bunch of commitment. A belated Congratulation for a belated post *cough* it's april already *ehem*

ireneC said...

Thanks, haha.. Excuses... well, perhaps... =P Lynda, u should ask my coursemates and housemates how i reacted to fast food, but i'm in control now.

Yea... i have more belated posts with me, bu hao yi shi to post it sometimes... hahaa... And yes, i do realised that this is 3 months old news lama. =P

Su Ee said...

Stumbled upon your blog through your sister, Florence.

WOW, how did you manage to not eat fast food for ONE WHOLE YEAR!?
The mouth watering double cheese burger - the tenderness of the 100% beef patty, the softness of the bun, and most importantly the two pieces of cheezily cheesed CHEESE!!!

ireneC said...

Hello Su Ee. Thanks for dropping by =)

Hahaa... It started tough, then later it sort of became a habit, but worth it afterall. Perhaps u wanna try, haha...

Currently looking further than just double cheeseburger, hahaa... =D