Thursday, 16 April 2009

The Final Point

The 14 monstrous weeks of intense assignments marathon is finally coming to an end... another 3 days to go!! But assignments are FINALLY all done =) Obviously, I'm saying this because I have just completed the last assignment!

I tell you la, I have never ever never ever felt so tense in my whole life. NEVER!!

My mind was spinning too fast at times...
then, observed a few little things I do when I needed escape.
"Wow! Did I just use 'escape'? Fuh... sounds like poet, hahaa..."

1. Blast music with my headphone is GREAT!!
2. Sing along loudly is even BETTER!!
3. Dance with the rhythm makes me melt, hahaa....
4. Facebook-checking out pictures and comments make me laugh...
5. MSN-disturb friends =P
6. Spider card game.
7. Ice cream session.
8. Jason Mraz.
9. Laugh at some silly videos.
10. Call my sis 'pig'
11. Gobble anything I can reach within seated position area.
12. Rubik's cube.
13. Check email account again and again and again...
14. Superchick. *check out their songs, awesome!*
15. Continue with my new found hobby with Jeannie, "Hunt for Scholarship!"
16. Picture the image of sushi buffet with...

Too many, maybe you would like to continue...

Yawning now, going to land on my cold bed after 3 days without touching it. Again.

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