Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Mah Jong

I have tried learning how to play mah jong since a few years back. Each time I play, I have to re-learn all the rules again. Just cant understand why my brain never seems to store this information into the long term memory box.

Last few days, we were playing it again. As usual, learning starts from zero. So far, I've acquired a few basic rules that can keep me survived for the super duper beginner's level. The game caught my interest, just that the 'kaki' mah jong is not enough. Now, really looking forward for da jie's homecoming, nyehehee. "Fai fai fan lei lo! Ngo yew da ma jiok! Fai dit fai dit!"

The previous 'sifus' taught me when we were in Cameron. The learning process was like a bullet train speed. I wanted so badly to play even though I tak tau anything. So, one sat on the left and the other on the right told me the how-s and why-s of the game. Superb! They are such expert! After a few rounds, I managed to so-called-guide (adoi, macam pandai sikit dah, keke!) another 'mah jong zero' to play.

I think I'm a little addicted to it.
Is it bad?



Anonymous said...

wei wei mahjong addict.. don't play with money ah... :p

ireneC said...

Hahaa! No worries! It's all without money =)Btw, i'm exactly not mahjong addict, hahaa...