Thursday, 27 August 2009


It's that feeling again.

Yes. I really hate to admit but it's undeniable. Each time I'm reaching the edge, I would need to be prepared to face it with more courage.

Every transition in my life is within the the thin line of not willing to let go of the present and the excitement upon the future.

I love my life. Every single bit of it. May it be tough, sad, happy, crazy, disappointing, ... that's life.

This 3 years of uni life is coming to another fold on the origami before I can see the butterfly.

I'm blessed to have a bunch of wonderful friends
who called me names to show that they know me well

showed me kindly what I can learn from them
coloured my life with their genuine colour pencils

I'm ever thankful to be a uni student
to have the opportunity to open my eyes to a million wonders
taught me the word 'sacrifice' always comes with 'worthy'
also, courage and perseverance to learn new things is the key in the dark

I'm a little anxious of what lies in my future
but I know He holds my future in His hands
so I wait and obey
He knows when I am ready and capable
better than I do
and He always do
isnt He great and wonderful
that's the reason why I cant stop myself from loving Him more and more each day


ViViEnNe said...

muacks!! ^3^

ireneC said...

Thank you, viv! *hugs*