Sunday, 20 April 2008

I'm a witch!! ??

Just randomly dropping some letters in the post in the state of boredom. I can stare at the same line on the same page for hours and this phenomenon occurs every study week in every semester.

Do you know that we are powerful? With one finger, we can do so many things. Do so many things with just ONE finger!! Cool right?? Haha...

1. We can turn the tv/ computer from blank and empty screne into a colourful and fill with lively movement.
2. People understand what we want with one point.
3. Withdraw money from atm.
4. Stop the bus driver at certain place.
5. Close/ open the elevator door at our wish.
6. Switch from website to website/ page to page on the computer screne.
7. Make someone realised that we are refering that particular person.
8. Say 'no' by moving only the finger.
9. 'Hand signal scolding/ cursing'.
10. Show we are happy, glad with something.
11. Indicate the 'last' without even verbally speak out.
12. Ask someone to come over.
13. Ask someone to get out.
14. Poke others physically.
15. Snap a picture.
16. Let little kid hold on to adult wherever they go. (note: their hands are too small)
17. Switch off the alarm clock.
18. Turn the lights on.
19. Order food =)
20. Scratch hair?

Hahaa... ok... the list can continue...

See!! We are powerful!! Amazing, isn't? Never realised you did all these with only one finger's effort? Now you know... =)

Ya... I'm just simply crapping some stuff when I'm feeling crappy. *blek*

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