Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Z005: Old Town, Murni

Wow! Finally it's all coming to an end!! I think I can the finishing line of my race, haha... Next week will be the final week before study week. I can hardly believe I am actually in Year 2 now. Too fast, too furious! But I think I kind of enjoyed and seriously learnt a lot from many things, friends,... Praise the Lord!

Oya! Somehow today, I just felt the really pure great joy and satisfaction inside of me. I think it's partly because I stayed up the whole night just to finsh my morpho assignment even though I clearly know that I have another day to rush it. I just want to see it DONE! Then I came back from uni, slept like a babi for 4 hours with the superb cooling weather taking every single sweat and tiredness away... Another thing is that, I finally got a reply that I have waited for weeks! haha... How can I not to be laughing? Wakaka!!

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Anyway, I finally tried the Prawn Noodle in Old Town Jaya One last Friday. It was 'ok'. Not bad. Somehow, I just felt that it isn't 'gau' enough in the taste... something clearly is missing...

Overall: 6.5/10

Me and lovely housemates went to Murni last Saturday as I have promised to have dinner with them and I was the one who brought up the idea of going there since it has been a while.

We ordered food after some 'serious' observation and survey (joking nia). Coz the main idea was to try out some fresh, delicious and famous food there. They have such a long list of menu (note: menu there is not written form, but verbally mentioned by the person who takes your order). We were having a hard time making decision as we were all hoping the dinner would be something unique and different. Plus, the 'canggih' name for the food makes it even harder to imagine the scenario.

If I'm not mistaken with name, it's Carbonara spaghetti. Ei! This one is pretty good. If you have not tried any good spaghetti with cheese, take this! The sauce is not too thick and everything goes pretty good altogether, coz I can't make a good spaghetti as this, haha...

Claypot Lou Shu Fun. This is the average dish among the rest. Obviously they need to put more effort to invest in the taste. It's kind of 'so-so'.

Roti Hawaiian. Yep! As I have mentioned earlier in another post, it's GOOD! Need me to say more? Just go have one. =)

Seafood Fried Rice. The frying skill is average, but at least they do know how to 'mix' the ingredients and make it looks not just any other fried rice. It's like you have varieties in the fried rice itself. Pretty interesting!

Nappolean. Special dish I would say. The main character is the meat and some stuff fried together as you can see from the picture above. The sauce given goes pretty well with it. The taste blends well into the throat.

Ribenna Special. Check out the colour of the straws... cool right?? neh! Don't be jealous because they treated us better, haha...

This is a mixual of lemon and sour plum... I think it's great, like 'lick till the last drop' drinks. Yeah!!

Overall: 7.5/10

Till then, .... more to come...


anthony said...

one of the best carbonara i have ever eaten is at euro deli shop. euro deli malaysia is owned by my dad's friend. got at a lot of places. ask me at school la, i'll give u directions. not far from utar la.

another place used to have good carbonara was pizza italia in taipan square, subang. now change to pizza uno... ok la... but i think change chef dy, i think not so good dy overall food there.

ireneC said...

uncle tony. u sure know where to get good food eh? next time will ask the exact direction from u, thanks for sharing the info.

sorry today when u mentioned the carbonara thing that time i was kinda 'paused'and ignored to answer u... coz i was thinking how to draw the tree diagram on the board and kinda brain jammed... haha... cant multi task all of a sudden. pai seh =P