Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Z008: Basil

Today we had lunch at Basil located in Bangsar Village. The atmosphere there was quite cozy and well decorated with designs to make customers feel comfortable and ease during the meals. Customer service and the cleaniness are at the thumbs up situation.

Basil mainly serves Thai food, hot and spicy food. There are a varieties of dishes, from starters, salad, soup, main dishes such as chicken, beef, seafood, vegetable, tauhu, single plate, single bowl to desserts. Drinks such as fruit juice, soft drinks, mocktails, mineral, bottled beer, coffee, Thai specialities, hot and cold stuffs.

I like this picture. Simple and nice. A simple cup of soft drinks pour into a nice glass makes people feel refreshing. Heehee...

My disease begins everytime I look at food from a nice angle, sorry pals!

Opps, right, it's 100 plus anyway.

Another cute cup of orange juice.

I think I took a not-so-good picture. I wanted to show how lovely the glass is initially. Sorry, I'm still learning.

Wuu... Ice blended Mocha.

One of my favourite. Yea... The taste was rather ok. Not too thick, just nice for a drowsy afternoon awakening. People who cant take in huge amount of caffeine, this drink will be alright for you.

Water Chestnut with Coconut Milk.

Special Mix Combo Platter (Spring Rolls, Money Bags, Prawn Wantons and Fish Cakes).

The sauce is alright. The food may look simple but delicate in shapes and flavour.

Single Bowl.
Clear Tom Yam Seafood with Flat Noodle.

Surprise to see Tom Yam with this colour? Don't be! Never under estimate and have prejudice before you even taste the food. Don't be fooled by the colour of the soup, it is spicy!

Single Bowl.
Hot and Spicy Minced Chicken Noodle (soup).

Taste ordinary to me. Not really spicy enough although it was labelled with a chilli simbol at the side of the menu. Wish it could be a little bit more spicier and sour though.

Single Plate.
Side-Fried Spaghetti with Hot (something starts with B) Leaves.

I think although the place is cool enough but the food is slightly better than average only. The price is pretty expensive but I'm sure they can do better than this. There are still spaces for improvement. Yeap! Gambateh!!

Overall: 7/10

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